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Mithila movement is not Maithili Movement per se

Mithila movement is not Maithili Movement per se
I feel the long discussion has been done for the Hindi states which previously had a wong assumption that Maithili is its eastern variant which has been proved conclusively that it was wrong.
Hence the analogy with Rajasthan and HP does not hold good nor with Bhojpur or Bundelkhand’s demands except that the present states of Rajasthan, HP may not like divisions on linguistic grounds but it may be thought proper to say that since the creation of Jharkhand, Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh the stress is on economic disparity and not at all on languages.
We demand Mithila on both accounts even if it is agreed that language cannot be the only point for state formation.
True,1. creating consciousness in the masses and sustained socio-political mobilization is needed.
2. The regional elite should be integrated effectively with the all-India elite on the basis of nationalist, ideological symbols not on caste symbols and not in terms of original, linguistic and cultural symbols.
3. Symbols of national identification should be given priority over the regional symbols by the regional elitse.
4. Though has been differential social mobilization which had resulted in the absorption and assimilation of regional dialect speakers in standard Hindi it is far from in Maithili area which is not part of Hindi though Maithils can follow Hindi.
5. The regional languages lacked standardization and will be possible only after Status of state language accredition.
6. The parameters of social differentiation may be diluted with economic disparity abolition to make compatible with those of language differentiation.
The Maithili movement is not a political-cum-language movement as so far hardly few politicians of Mithila had entered into it. Had it been so the result would have been different.
In fact it should have been Mithila Movemant than Maithili movement and had been it so the drawback (of caste group etc.) would have been diluted much easily.
Yet the Mithla movement should be turned as a political-cum- econimc disparity movement than that of language movement
The Maithili movement on one hand promoted the development, standardization and modernization of Maithili wgich has ultimately included in VIII Schedule of Indian Constitution.
The protagonists of the Mithila movement base their demands on the following grounds :
1. The existing boundaries of Bihar are artificial. They
are not in accordance with either natural or linguistic boundaries.
2. Mithila has had a separate and independent regional history all along in
the past.
3. Mithila has a distinct and common historical and cultural tradition.
4.There exist separate and distinct symbols of culture and religion on which the regional consciousness is based.
5.There are common symbols of regional identity like language, social customs and practices, dress, diet, etc.
6.Maithili as the mothertongue of the region is a great unifying force. It has a long and glorious literary tradition.
7.It has a distinct folk literature tradition.
8. More importantly, there is a discriminatory allocation of political power and economic resources and benefits. The Mathilis are being deliberately exploited as a result of their being part of Bihar.
The Maithili movement has had some measure of success. –by 2001 it is 13th language of the Union.
In spite of all these successes there has been no significant gain in acceding to the demand for the creation of a Mithila State. In short, it can be said that the movement has more or less failed in achieving its ultimate and most significant objective. The reasons for such a failure are manifold. The prominent ones can be summarized below and their remedial correctives should be taken
(1) The Mithila movement might have been started mainly by certain caste groups, Brahmins and Kayasthas of the region, who comprised caste groups, Brahmins and Kayasthas of the region, who comprised the elite of the area it is wrong to say that they have not associated the Maithils of other caste groups with them. However, serious work is needed to include all.

(2) The Maithil elite gave given priority to symbols of national identity over the regional symbols but they should give equal respect to regional symbols and development too.
(3) Political movement in Bihar have failed even for the emancipation of Bihar-let groups should come over caste based parties who thrive on corruption or preferential treatment gfor development(I call’ constituency driven’ developmental efforts).
(4) It will always be difficult to organise several crores of Maithils under one umbrella but the socio-political emancipation of Maithili speakers lies in the ‘mimimum common agenda’ and that is ‘to support for Mithila state.”
(5) Maithili needs standardization and modernization and the development of non-literary forms of language and literature also be stressed.
(6) True, the community consciousness as well as regional identification has not been
strong enough in the area. But reviving Maithili script seems difficult even with the creation of Mithila state and it is not a priority at present.
(7) 'Maithili' should not be another obstacle to the development of community consciousness in the region. .The history of the Maithili movement shows that "Language is not a sufficient condition for community identification." (Brass : 80)
Thus lack of political mobilization and lack of mass support should not be responsible for the withering away of the Maithili movement.
True,”Looking at the history of various movements in the Hindi region it is evident that none of them have really been successful as they lacked mass support. They have been more an affair of the political, social or caste elites, who have not been able to purusade the masses and bring them into their fold so that the movements may become mass movements, which seems to be a necessary condition if they have to succeed.” And hence, Mithila movement needs newer dimension and new types of Maithilis organizations who can think of beyond Sanskritik Vidyapati Parvas to dharna and demonstrations to get their due otherwise floods will denude Mithiula and people will migrate and cultural greatness of Mithila will perish- Mithila state is needed for the emancipation of Mithila, Maithili and most important Maithils.

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It is condemnable to divided state along linguistic line. So far, those who care have always supported unity not division. It is another example of divide and rule strategy of few weak and inefficient bureaucrats at center or parliament of India who for their own goods try make other weak so that they take advantage of them.