Wednesday, January 21, 2009

‘Obamomania’ or ‘Obamafever’: Will oppressed Indians will like end reservations to get real honour?

Blog: ‘Obamomania’ or ‘Obamafever’:Will oppressed Indians will like end reservations to get real honour?
If I have to write today something I also should not omit Obama-fever’ though I had not thought any word like that to write or even ponder till yesterday as to when Obama was to take over though I could remember the time of Jan.20 since the day of Chhati(in November) when he had won and there was hype like that.
By this time hype should have been washed out but no Americans whom now I think have hardly much thing to do in life(otherwise some 20 million in a country of 300 million might not have assembled for ‘the oath ceremony,’ even if it was of any first ‘blak US President or semi-black, semi-American, semi-Muslim, semi-Christian and I do not know how many demis and demis may make up a full if it is a full and not making ‘fool’ to many if not all…”One can befool some for some days and many for many days but not all for all days to com.”
Yes, I am neither US-philic or US-phobic but there are many like Kiran Bedi who feel great if invited by US president on ‘tea’! Even our newspapers like TOI are full of news that seems sometime as if ‘Times of America’ but today even Hindi papers are like that of it.
Well, Americans like upper class Indians have plenty of money but are always thinking for money and the naturally ‘recession’ has made them maniac as if Obama has a ‘magic stick’ and it will be difficult for him to deliver. He is a lawyer and can speak well but oratory is only ‘one third of personality’ as said by Swami Vivekananda. The real test of personality is in stress and I do not feel at least for Indians he will be better than Bush who has one of the lowest pitched popularity..
Obama could be elevated to presidency without any reservation and whites too have voted him. Will oppressed Indians will like end reservations to get real honour?oppressed Indians will like to end reservations to get real honour?
‘NO,” will be the political answer.
Politically in a marginalized society even small per cent counts and many semis and demis have made Obama hero at a time when Bush was seen as a villaon more by the Islamic world which is under the false hope of ‘Mobarak’ in the name of Obama.
He is young and dynamic and could rose to highest post within a short span due to his fte line and let us hope he deliver fast.

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