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Kashmir- Bangla Victory message to Mithila

Blog 30.12.08

Kashmir- Bangla Victory message to Mithila

Last night I listened to BBC about Kashmir polls and Bangladesh polls and this noon I saw results of Karnataka’s BJP’s victory plus to already it had power there and usually people vote for the bye elections to the party which is in power and BJP should not be jubilant on that.

Some persons were critical of Congress joining any Govt. at J & K and some critics were of the view that the National conference should join Congress.

To me both are one and J & K should be renamed as Jammu-Kashmir- laddakh as L. is lost when letters J & K come as usual to alphabetical order. In fact J is submerged into K. and for the rest of the world K stands bold.

Congress had lost and PDF had gained ground their as if some attorney of Hurriat they have received.

Not BJP bit Hindus representing BJP had done well in J. and is no where in power equation. Unless J. is separated Jammu will not have any say in provincial autonomy how so far aloud may be

On Rediffboard SUBHASH CHANDRA writes on Dec 30, 2008 12:56 PM
“In 1941, Hindus formed about 28% of the population of Bangladesh

Which declined to 22.05% in 1971. currently it is around 10% and declining fast..

Through a combination of mass exodus and genocide in 1971, this represents a loss of around 20 million Bangladeshi Hindus and their direct heirs,

and reflects one of the largest displacements of population based on ethnic or religious identity in recent history.

A significant driver of Hindu emigration has been the Enemy Property Act,

later renamed as the Vested Property Act, through which the Bangladesh Government has been able to appropriate the property of around 40% of the existing Bangladeshi Hindu population

Many Hindus are prevented from voting in elections, either through intimidating actual voters, or through exclusion in voter list revisions (eg, see DAILY STAR, January 4th 2006).

In Pakistan , Hindus (who have been reduced to around 1 %), are not allowed to vote during elections .”

I agree with the writer that Hindus are dwindling not by nature but by a systematic plan (in 1947 16 per cent of Muslim population seceded from India on the name of Islamic nation and they got 33 per cent of Indian territory but only 9 per cent of them remained in Pakistan east and West---their should have been population exchange if country was divided on the name of religion or that division should be discarded by all as that was a British diplomacy to make India weak).

Further Hindus were weeded out from Pakistan and are being done so in Bangladesh, the Bangladeshis are infiltrating in the Mithila region of Bihar where West Bengal has only a chicken neck connecting rest of seven(rather eight including Sikkim and also Bhutan though a sovereign country) which is losing its Sanatan identity. We are of the view that Mithila needs bifurcation from Bihar and Mithila with its first language Maithili and second language Sanskrit( a simplified form, omitting dwivachan and with only three tenses present, past and future which can be learnt in five days only) will be able to halt the cultural and demographic changes in this greatest seat of Sanatan cultural to which India boasts world over.

Bangladeshis should know that Farakka agreement of water was against the interests of Mithila state of India and Mithila will fight for its due share. Mithila has floods but it has draught too and Mithila is not flooded by rainwaters but by sismic changes in Upper Himalayan belts. Mithila needs water for its agrarian life.
Whoever wins or lose in Bangaldesh they should be aware of the Islamic militancy against India through their soil.

Now Gorakha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) has also staked claim for separate statehood on the grounds of Bangadeshi infiltration( GJM team off to delhi for Gorkha talks, HT 28.12.2008, I read only yesterday).
I am of the view that Second State reorganization Committee should be set up in India and it should try to include the portions till Assam (Sikkim, Bodo districts, north Bengal’s Bagla and Nepali speaking areas) to one state MITHILA which symbolizes more than merely Maithili speakers as Mother Janaki is Jagajjanani.
And I assure each and everyone non-Maithili speaker in this region that their interests will be better protected than at present wherever they are. We may make Purnea its capital which had been in Bengal’s Rajshahi Commissionary for long. I wrote this in Ranchi Express 1.11.1992, Mithila – Kamrupk Punargathan: Rajya Punargathan sandarbh me.

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