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Let MVP be a joran in Indian polity of milk to make it DAHI: My visit to eastern MithilaChange Maithils mind set local to universal not the vice versa

Let MVP be a joran in Indian polity of milk to make it DAHI: My visit to eastern Mithila
Change Maithils mind set local to universal not the vice versa..

Probably a time has come when collective efforts can put Mithila on Indian Map though it is not so easy but also not that much difficult if coming few months are used with skill.

We need many more types of support but that can be delegated or taken if somebody is willing to spare.

We toured Simariyaghat-Khagaria-Katihar-Purnea- Kishanganj-Arariya-Forbesganj-Bhagalpur during Dec.25-28. We(Ratneshwar Jha and I) was added Pramod Kumar Jha on 25th evening and then we were- Pramod and I.

I was more worker concerned , as presidency of Party was given to a person with whom I had barely one meeting merely 20 days back of Dec.13th the D-day for a 42 yeared Pramod Jha.

Ratneshwar Jha too had talked me only twice before only but had a Mithila pang in his heart since 22 years of this 47 yeared paerson when he saw me a printed memorundum of Mithila Lok manch ,printed 22 years back. There were many points and jargons I was using without reading that any time. When I asked what you did for in past decades he could not due to family problems now he can do some thing. At Khagaria Dharmendra arranged the meet meet immediately and then Pramodji also joined. We stayed at a hospital and Nursing College, Dharmendra’s brother Dr. S.Vivekanand my old follower since DMCH days, is evolving gradually.
That night a laxmi was born in a first Ceaser held there by Dr.TWINKLE(yes that is her name!) who very cleverly repliedme that she was a housewife and doctor both! And that is the essence of Hindu family life for any wife- Alas if so would have been my Dolly!

The providence for Ratneshwar Jha came when President of Mithila Vikas Party could not reach Khagaria at Image center the specified place (though he was standing near since 90 minutes, at front building, “Macchali Ghar,” for almost 90 minutes and his mobile discharged he did not call us till Ratneshwar took over as the organizing secetary of Party and he spoke well and I hope he will work well too as his normal business demands tours to different cities of country and he is rooted to Madhubani the district he wanted to be given to coordinate.

I only said, “one should not decide about any post himself/herself,” let it remain other’s prerogative. If I am a spokesman of the AMP it was because others had nominated me so- I was not even aware of spokespersonsip in AMP’s constitution as registered though in future this post may be off the record.

To me every member is spokesman of the organization and he/she should speak the views of all others to outsiders, maybe in his own language in which he should speak to insiders as and when time comes and if mood is affirmative he should be assertive of the points.

And similarly I told to Pramodji also that had he not been to Patna on Dec.13 then too MVP would have come up as it was a conscious decision by a group of workers of the AMP. In fact on his repeated incidental absence(at Delhi and Simariaghat and then at Khagaria) was a bearing on my mind and surely I am not one who can compromise on any person’s bargain for any post for himself! If I know it from before I will not accept(and I did not accept a present MLA’s support today if he wanted to remain aloof and me even any independent has to depend on a group and that is the essense of any organization!

When Pramodji asked me my opinion on his working after 3 days,I told him though he might have worked elsewhere for Mithila-Maithili he will have to learn while working and also the Rajas view of work will gradually change to sattwik…
Having tamas and rajas is not altogether bad as only Tamas can do cration and so rajas development but that is a way to find Sat..

It also holds good for me too- when Swami Chidatmananadji at Simariyaghat seeing me asked there the persons, his devotees (from near Barauni Panchyat to Champaran).”will I suit as CM of Mithila?”, my mind repulsed probably .”not a cup of tea,” for me. And I thought even for PM-ship I could have imagined and strive but what I choose to work as a simple worker was most satisfying as I know anything which has a beginning has ends too!

Swamiji had hinted on my full pant that it needed change and so on English script of the tabulated record of the AMP conferences, fourteenth of which was held there in his ashram during 25th to 28th may 2006 which was also a workers’ training camp…Swamiji asked me to come to Prayagraj in a 5-day seminar,” Free India: past, present and future,” and I accepted for the final Sunday(Sunday Feb.1 when I have to return from APICON Delhi and I can attend that without any further leave and can meet also veteran Pt. Jaikant Mishra whom I could not see on 14th November who must be happy to know the MVP’s sunrise on potical horizon of India if that experiment is successful it may be RVP too..

I will not explain RVP as Baba Anandmuthy left for conjecture..”Ra was was killed by Ra, Ka was killed by Ka and Ka will kill Ka..
(Ravan, ram; kans Krishna, and Communist-Congress some Anandmargi told me this night while retuning from unprecedented , jam-packed ordinary coach maybe 200 persons in the coach meant for 80..).. I could not get last minute reservation on account of that Anand mela at Pundag near Bokaro steel city in west Bengal in way to Ranchi and had a hard time but was fortunate enough to get space for sitting on a corner when five rural women were on my side sitting..They all had a badge of ANGIKA SAMAJ…might be a pass like that of rally to attend without tickets. An old Marwari women sitting on her attaché was commenting like typical Manthra or Sasu to her young daughter in law who was totally opposite in her behaviour taking so sweet with other sweet little girl of class V of saraswati Vidya Mandir of Jharia – I was surprised to know that her Saraswati Vidya Mandir had an English Prayer not Sanskrit .

I took some sips of water from her Pirpainti hills and ate very fine chura-eelaicheedana given three fours fistfuls to me while taking off from swami Sadchitamanji Mahatmaji at simariaghat (he told me to add Ghat after Simaria which I was not doing) Seeing posters of Mithila he had embarked,”This I was searching.. and knowing for MVP was pleased too much and invited us to join 10 days Mithila Parikrama which can augment Mithila movement and he has infrastructure- vechiles and everything- I saw one ambulance too-if I can work something apart from giving lectures!)..

Maybe that little girl,( DOLLY!) of Saraswati Vidya Mandir of Jharia had an English Prayer not Sanskrit but not only I consented for Pramod Jha’s advice Second Language of Mithila State as Sanskrit, I even told it to the press persons at Araiya.. Probably it will be way to revive cultural Mithila as even Hindi is a for of Urdu which had divided country on the name of language and culture-not only in 1947 but even Pakistani Urdu fanatics had harkiri of Islamic nation made on the slogan of two nations theory!

Pramod Jha is right to that extent that cultural topography of Mithila was changing sharply and chicken neck of Siliguri-Kishanganj is only neck- I always make a point to visit Kishanganj where elderly professor Dr. Mayakant Jha is always in a welcoming mood and this time though he was at gaya, his son Gopalji managed the press which always supports me the best in Mithila and has supported so once again though we were late they came and again came when we reached late! We saw Nursery of Gopalji which has over 1500 varietie4s of plants.
We need to work hard if we want our progeny can have free air we need Mithila, agreed Lait Mohan Thakur, erstwhile BSP district president now General Secretary, MVP and so many more. Lait Mohan Thakur was overwhelmed as to how I could have belief on him in mere one visit!

I am not a politician and I do not want politicians should work like their other peers are doing. There can be some arithmetical calculation of caste and creed but that is not all. Bihar has now parties made of castes and that was by the disciples of great Lohiya, I said thus to Prof. Aggarwal , a Lohiyite who had come to Purnea to distribute blankets to Koshi flood victims. He had also stayed on 26th night at jounalist Tarun Vinay’s residence that night when I accepted Tarun’s sister Pinky’s invitation after the press conference she had coordinated at Purnea.. We took wrong way and were 20 minutes late than 630 PM fixed by Kripanand Jha, General secretary, AMP with her when my classmate, Dr.Amrendra jha showed his inability to spare time but gave me her name in the 26th morning when I contacted Delhi. And rightly Hindustan had closed the reports with her name as District coordinator of MVP though Pramodji was targeting her as Youth Wing leader of MVP!

It is not that AMP, Purnea has dearth of workers but the main of them Dr. Gaurikant Jha had been to Madhepura for University senate meeting and maybe he could not find any person to delegate the work.

So is the veteran maithili worker Naraynji at Katihar but we need to inculcate LOKSANGRAH effectively at all plces which we need for any democratic move! Even Press will help only then.

We were amazed to find Pinky’s dutifulness and activeness contrast to her health could indicate anyone! And when she guided our car on her bike, in that cold dark evening, I could only imagine Mithila was changing. Her brother Vinay does not want to take any job, out of Bihar. Love to own earth and root can only change the scenario we are contemplating.

Vinay had a long discussion with me on Gandhism(which I said was nothing but Indianism and any specification to that was aberration not in the help of Indian people), nationalism and many more things which are wrongly inscribed on pure minds on the name of Aryan Colonisation, Brahminical Hinduism, RSS, etc. and the dining table was a discussion table- being main speaker and ‘main’ eater, it took Pramodji to take up so that I may finish the dishes Pinky had prepared- not seeing their mother I had queried his father and was stunned to know she died of diabetic kidney well under 50! Mithila needed AIIMS, not Patna I cry in every meeting)

I am not so much press concerned though press gave due attention – Rastriya Sahara’s 4 columns to Jagaran’s photos, Hindustan’s good coverage and yet to see though reported big reporting from Kisangaj’s Rastriya Sahara on 28th. Yes sahara was first o flash MVP on 14th December(I have not seen but reported so) and I exclaimed on that at Araiya that Subroto ray sahara himself was born at Araiya. A newspaper hawker offered me Urdu Sahara when I asked for a copy of sahara –might be it too had that news! By that time Hindi sahara had not reached the town and I could not get that in way at Purnea.

I was born in Purnea district and can write indefinitely but let me close that by adding that Pramodji too was exclaimed by seeing cows going to Bangladesh way for slaughtering which I had seen in my childhood mornings.

After Araiya I could go to my birth place Forbesganj. Shri SM Mishra of Rami was with us. To guide and we met a leader who supported Mithila cause. Visit to my dilapidated house was only for five minutes and we took road to Purnea where Pionki was waiting with her cooked food but fog was competitive of her and fog won the drivring mind of Pramod..I could have loved to reach there even late but surely a 30 km way took 2 hours and I thought we missed Arariya way which even Arariite Lalit Mohan agreed , “we maybe at Jalagarh,” when I suggested for Garh banaili.. It sparked in my mind and I made on my was showing Arariya..Yes, we were only nearing Araiya..while Lait Mohan was happy I was sorry to miss Pinki’s meals and adventure to Purnea journey in midnight fog where even a cycleman ran way when we wwere intending to ask the place we were- some other person had also missed the place!

28th morinig too it was fog till late and we could reach directly Bhagalpur by 1 pm( one hour late for meeting at Baba Burahanath Mahadev)…Again, in short meeting XIX International Maithili Conference was finalized there during April 11-12 with jayprakash jha as Convenor and President, AMP, Bhagalpur. I could get my train but again missed one lunch appointment with Dr.Rekha Jha I had taken many years back9and had reconfirmed on 25th December) when for the time I had predicted ,”Lalu will loose as he will not get Muslim votes..”

Lalu lost and then gained..Lalu was to come Bhagalpur to announce Yashvantpura express..that evening in a big pandal at railway station..
Leaderes will win and loose but nation and region should not with them. It should rise. Mithila will rise and a risen Mithila can only make India risen. Mithila work has no contradiction with India’s work I told Pramodji time and again.
I am not a politician and my uttarance to press, “AMP will support any party or parties who will pledge for Mithila’s statehood,” made him some thoughtful but that is exactly the stand AND ISSUE WHERE WE ARE.We want Mithila state in India and let MVP be a joran in Indian polity of milk to make it DAHI, Mithila is known for.
We need to go villages- in this journey we touched Bhramarpur and villagers were overwhelmed. From there I talked to Dr Prajapati jha at Bagalore- the village has scores of high ups including SC Jha, advisor to PM and little Jaya Jhar, the prodigal daughter of Mithila an IIT,IIM.. Our almost all Mithila villages are same and talk of Ang though comes in way but Bhramarpur is alos in Bhagalpur and we regard all as Mithila shown in Grierson’s map..

Dr Jha told me of Vidaypati parva at bagalore by one new made title , the AMP I formed there was changed to local..the need is to change Maithil mind set local to universal not the vice versa..

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