Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mithila Vikas Party, Book Fair, Cultural terrorism


Mithila Vikas Party, Book Fair, Cultural terrorism

I had been for two days at Patna Book Fair(on 13th and 14th December 2008).
Taking a train on 12th night was a good exercise as I had some nine packets of good weight of posters and Maithili Sandesh for me for distributing them to Maithili workers who were to assemble at Patna.
Two young students- one doctor doing MD in Pharmacolology at RIIMS,Ranchi who had his MBBS from Shivajee Medical College, Thane could not understand that I was a doctor when I pleaded that rural compulsory posting for new medical graduates should not be done as that is time of learning near if not under seniors. The other young engineering student from Raigarha(Orissa) could not be convinced that medical students need to read several times voluminous book than of other streams.
Though Pramod Jha started late than me from Dhanbad his train Ganga-damodar crossed ours at Gomoh.
At Patna he took care to take packets through a coolie and then auto which we left before Book Fair thinking some trade exhibition as Book Fair and so again a rickshaw to put packets with security guards of book fair.
We went to Lohanipur near Pramodji’s briother and had daily rituals and food.

At Gandhi maidan, it was a grand meeting of Maithils – almost every expected person came and they founded Mithila Vikas Party (MVP) to which I finally commented historic it was and AMP members would support any Party named Mithila if that was non-violent and non compromising to national ideals and hence MVP deserves our all support.

There were persons from Arariya, Purnea, Khagaria, Saharsa, Samastipur, Darbhanga, Madhubani, Muzaffarpur, Sitamarhi districts and there was optimism amongst them that they would provide a political solution to Mithila’s pending problems. Rightly Pramod Jha, young (born 1966 whom I know for barely a fortnight) President of MVP said that MVP was born of the persons who had neither millions of rupees nor any body as history sheeter who usually make a cauldron of political party. Narendra Jha the organizer of Book fair said he would provide MVP office at Purnea.

He spoke in the end and all were convinced that MVP had a future. It was also a meeting where no food or tea was served, first time in a Maithili meeting and als every expected turned up.

I spoke on Economic downfall of Mithila on 13th and as a tribute to great philosopher Dr.Uma Charna Jha on 14th I spoke on “Philosophical contribution of Mithila to Indian Philosophy.

Press did not mention (except Rastriya Sahara I was informed last night) but surely people and leaders are in surprise. When incidentally I reached with PK Chaoudhary, Secetary, AMP, Bihar to Mithila Colony, danapur in the Vidyapati Parva I was given unique honour while on dais was my old ABVP activist friend Ashwini Choubey, Mibister, PHED, Govt. of Bihar. I could meet him after 26 years.

In my brief 3 minutes speech I used the term ‘Cultural Terrorism,” which was stated around 13.12.1325 when Raja Shiv Singh. King of Mithila ( where Vidaypati was Rajkavi ) had to flee to Nepal in that cold night…

We want our that Mithila which was lost in an imaginary state of Bihar due to Muslim invaders that night !
Purvpttar Maithili’s recent issue was distributed on dais which Ashwiniji read on the cover and seeing map of Mithila was disturned.

I assured Choubeyjee that Mithila state will not be anti-national and the demand is not fissiparous in my brief talk after though he was not convinced but the Mithils there who had loud voice on Jai Mthila only some children repeated jai Bihar when choubeyji gave that slogan.
I am not anti-Bihari but minus Mithila that was great Magadh and Bhojpur, never a cultural Bihar. Magahi and Bhojpuri too will develop if Mithila is separated.(And also the areas as they will get more central attention).
I could purchased some rare books from stalls which I am reading now.

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