Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My views on Mumbai terror

My views on Mumbai terror
When On Mon, 08 Dec 2008 Dr. Sanjeev Kelkar from Hyderabad wrote :
"Was there anything unacceptable in the oration that I sent for publication
or it is just that u r busy with combating terrorism attackes in Mumbai?"

My reply to him was:

"I do not think any word you used in oration or written was unacceptable though any point may be discussed again anad again if not perceived properly- that is the essence of Hindu philosophy.

I was not busy in Mumbai attack but with other task centred on Mithila an dits problem for a 4-day Wokers training camp here at Ranchi and hence could not reply.
(you have seen me and were with me that during my scjeduled pravas to Nagpur on 6.12. 1992 when Ayodhya demolition was taking place then too we had a meeting with medicos in Govt. Medical College with a simple logic, if I had not been there, I should work my task rather viewing TV though historical that might have been..).

However, as you know I have some perception other than commonly perceived, you may be amazed to note that I liked much better 'proxy PM's' non-interference to security personnels than our beloved PM's esteemed colleague escorting the grand terrorist.

Further more as this time target was elite person hardly cvommon men of India had much interest than to just knowing the outcome for curiosity. One may not agree but ask how many people did not take food that there entrapped were many of our countrymen.

The sensitivity has been lost for general at the value of increament for kith and kin.

Though you are a born Mumbite, I would have liked to distribute share market money to different centres in India rather centralizing them at Mumbai or for that matter anywhere that poor countrymen flock there for livelihood and become target of internal terrorists(Thakres) and or external ones like we have faced.

My regards to Bhabhi (who must add a vote for me as she belongs to parched Vidarbh?).

Dr. Dhanakar Thakur

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