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Yogda Mutth: A Christian Conspiracy with its founder who wanted to promote Sanatam Dharm

Yogda Mutth: A Christian  Conspiracy  with its founder who wanted to promote Sanatam Dharm
- Dr. Dhanakar Thakur. MBBs. MD(Gen Med), DCH(Pediatrict)
Founder, National medicos Organisation(NMO) & Antarrashtriy Maithili Parishad(1993)

Living at Ranchi and not knowing Yogda mutt will not to acceptable anyone who knows more than about Ranchi that is famous for one of biggest mental asylum.
When I delve in my memory, I recall Yogda’s name since 1970s I came and had one occasion to be there in any festival invited by a senior lady doctor probably.
I met once some foreign devotee while in a train and had some suspicion as to why some such Hindu missions are attracted to foreign and even they are attracted –is it a win for the Hindu Dharm which in fact is the only rational Universal religion.
Around 1995, my CMO Dr. P. Sinha said showing me,” Autobiography of  Yogi,” that someone had said him that he would not read that till a particular time would come to read that.
Later, in fact from a typist residence I got a Hindi copy of that and turned its pages and in its objectives was profoundly shocked to find in Hindi the translation of ,”To reveal the complete harmony and basic oneness of original Yoga as taught by Bhagavan Krishna and original Christianity as taught by Jesus Christ,” and had discussed at least four of its devotees as to  why Krishna and Christianity had been made at one level and nobody had a reply to that.
It was furthermore surprising as Jesus had not taught Christianity in fact he died as Jew and his apostles spread what that is called Christianity.
On 19th September 2012, SM Thakur called on me and asked me to attend a meeting the next day 6 PM with Mr. Gupta who was camping at Ranchi coming from Delhi in protest of Christianisation of Yogda and it clicked to my old notion that there was some conspiracy I had smelled many years back. I told him I would be late and may come by 815 PM only.
I tried to search that Hindi copy in my haphazard paper jungle filled house but could not rather I got an copy of  that book duly signed by Parmhans Yoganand himself on June 19, 1947 at Los Angeles and the copy had come to my brother in law Vivekanand  Jha who and his friend Inder are associated with Yogda.
I had Chinmay Mission’s ‘Gyan Yagya’ by Swami Madhwanand till 8Pm but I left a few minutes before Arti was completed and asked Mr. Thakur should I come . He told me that the meeting was going on and I may come.
Luckily there was a young man on bike and as if Paramhans had sent him I reached within 5 minutes in the meeting where concluding voice of some person was going on against the Christianisation of the YOGDA.
I asked some questions and was pleased to note that Guptajee was not alone but a galaxy of Hindu leaders of the city were there to extend support to Guptajee’s crusade to liberate Yogda from the clutches of foreigners who are destroying the very essence of the muttha which was registered in 1966 for the “Spread of Santan Hindu Dharm,” had taken up all anti-Hindu activities.
World over there is protest on some cartoons and writings but Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna’s photo were removed from the ,”Autobiography of the Yogi,” not to talk of the scores of other points raised by Guptajee and some  other ardent followers of Parmahans. Mahawtar Babaji, Yogawtar Shree Lahidi Mahashy, Gyanawtar Yutkteshwar ‘s photo have also been removed, even sacred thread of Lahiridi mahashaya..
I was hinted to those great yogis by Pt. Ramnanad Mishra ( froend of Jay Prakash Narayan),also at Darbahnga while I was in his close association.
Hawan , a Hindu ritual at Asharm’s annual Shard Sangam was abandoned.
One Swami insists on Christ’s photo  and Yogda was rumoured to be a branch of Self Realization Fellowship Church(SRF) which it never had been.
In Kriya Yog  deeksha an oath for the loyalty to Jesus Christ is administered which was not before.
There area also many defalcations in funds and no proper election is held for the Society.
Most of the members of the board are Americans and old guards of the Yogda are maltreated.
CBI enquiry should be held in its whole fund transactions and guilty need booked.
The Yogda Mutth land should have been confiscated by the Govt. as no trusty is alive and its property be given to the Indian members elected by the Society itself. No foreigner should be allowed in the committee.
I hope Guptajee will win the war as he has Truth and Ashirvada of Parramhans with him otherwise a busy NRI should not have been digging the  soil of Ranchi at his cost of ,money and time. H eis fighting the cause dear to the majority and he has a determination which will clean the Yogda. I also appeal the Hindu sanyasin through this blog to  protest such ‘misadventures,’ and glorify the path shown by Parmhans otherwise their own life will be wasted, even if spent in luxury- YPGI and BHOGI status cannot go together and Indian mindset do not honour such persona.
I expressed my full solidarity with him and told the time has come that I should read the book cover to cover again(this time original book).

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