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Story of Chauth Chandra(Ganesh Chatuthi)

Story of Chauth Chandra After Kansbadh,fearing from the attack of Kansh’s father-in law Jarasandh, Krishna was renovated Dwaraka made by Gupta Sen in the sea. There lived 56 crore Yaduvanshis. There were also palaces for 16,008 distinctive females. There the King Ugra had two famous sons- Santrajit and Prasen. Learned Santrajit on the peaceful seashore did tapsya for Surya Who being pleased asked him for Var. Santrajit asked Surya to give him Symantak mani He had on His chest. Instantaneously giving it Surya said,” This Mani gives gold 8 Bhars daily and hence, wear it with purity.” Santrajit wearing that Mani came to Dwarakapuri. People confused him with Surya whom they though coming to meet Krishna. Krishna said that he was not Surya but Santrajit with Syamantak Mani got from Surya. Santrajit thought whether Krishna would ask for Syamantak Mani and he gave that to Prasen warning him to wear that with purity. Once Prasen wearing that Mani went for hunting along with Krishna. Due to horse-riding Prasen became impure and hence killed in the forest by a lion. That lion with Mani was killed by bear Jambban and gave that Mani as a toy to his son. Exhausted Krishna returned his city. For long Prasen did not return and people thought he was killed by Krishna for getting Mani. Krishna was sorrowful on his defamation. Krishna went to forest with city-dwellers. They found Prasen and lion both were killed. Krishna thought that it was bear Jambaban who might have killed lion and taken Mani. He went to the lion’s cave, which was hundreds of Yojans ahead. He saw Jambaba’s son Sukumar having that Mani in his neck. The maid was saying to Sukumar- “Do not weep! Lion (Singh) killed Prasen and Jambabn killed lion. Now this Syamantak mani is yours.” Krishna saw Jambban’ beautiful daughter Jambbati and she also saw him- both had a feeling of love…Out of love she told Krishna that now her was was sleeping and they should elope but Krishna sounded his Shankha. After seven days Dwaraka people thought Krishana was killed and they returned and did his last rites but in the cave war continued with Jambaban for 21 days and then he realized that Krishna was not an ordinary person. He accepted his defeat and happily married his daughter with Krishana. Krishna returned Dwaraka with Jambabati and calling a meeting gave Mani to Santrajit sying though it was of his(Krishna) he was giving that to Santajit as it was very dear to him. Once Krishna and Balram had gone somewhere when evil-minded Shatdhanwa killed Santrajit and took Mani. Satyabhama informied this to Krishna. Krishna and Balram went to hunt Shatdhanwa who fearing from Krishna gave mani to Akrur named yadav and ran away southwards. After 100 yojans, Shatdhanwa’s mare was dead then he ran on foot. On the chariot of Balrama,Krishna caught him and killed him but found no Mani. Balram was angry and said that Krishna was a sly and he went to Vidarbha country. Krishna returned to Dwarka but there citizens started criticizing Krishna that out of jealously for Mani he had killed his brother Balram. Akrur on the name of Piligrimage went Kashi and wearing Mani in a pire state started worshipping Lord Vishwanath. Then reached Narad near Krishna whom Krishna said that times and again he is accused wrongly and how he could get out of that. Narad said that it was because he saw Moon on Bhadav Shukla 4, which is prohibited. He narrated the story behind that. Ganesha cursed beauty-proud Moon for that. Once, Brahma,Vishnu,Mahesh did Ashtasiddhi Puja of Ganesha Whom Brahma said to that it was all due to Him that Vishnu upbrings universe and Mahesh destroys that. Ganesh taking Laddu in His hands gave Var to Brahma that His creations would be successful. After Puja Ganeshji was returning through Akash. He was exceptionally beautiful Moon who also saw Him and seeing His peculiar face Moon had laughter. Ganesh in anger cursed Moon that whoever see him will be falsely implicated. Moon started loosing his light and he entered into water to live in Kumudini’s house. Then all gods, gandharvas led by Indra went to Brahma. Brahma asked them to worship Ganesh on Chatuthi with Laddoo and other good food preparations. Brahma gave guided to Moon for method of Ganesha’s Puja. Chandrama did Puja accordingly. Ganeshji appeared there and asked him for Var. He asked to pardon him from the curse. Ganeshji did so. But he said if anyone sees Moon on Bhadav shukla 4, he will get false charges, But those who would be seeing from the start of month will not be cursed and those who will see on Bhadav shukla 4 with fruits-flowers etc. methodically he/she will also get whatever desired. Narad said thus the way to Krishna to get rid of the false charges. In Mithila it was started by King Hemangad Thakur who was also an astrologer. Chandrama dekhak kono phal/dahi kera adi k sang dekhala sa dosh ni varan bhay jait chhaik. Sang me mantra parhi: DALI LAYK E DARSHANK MANTRA PARHI: Singh Prasen Mavdhit Sinho Jambabtah Hatah Sukumarak Maro Pipaste Hyahshavah Syamantakah. DAHI- MATKURI LAYK EDARSHANK MANTRA PARHI: Namo Dhadhi Shankh Tusharabham Kshirodarnav Sambhavam Namami Shashinam Bhaktya Shambhor Mukut Bhushanam. And so we celebrate Chauth-chandra while non-Maithils are only celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi- “Ganapati bappa Moria” which Lokmanya Tilak transformed as a national festival.

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