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Jamalpur t kamalpur achhi.. April 8th 2012_My 120th Mithila Jagaran Yatra Darbhanga-Jamalpur (April 4-8, 2012

My 120th Mithila Jagaran Yatra Darbhanga-Jamalpur (April 4-8, 2012)- C _Jamalpur t kamalpur achhi.. April 8th 2012

On the morning of 8th April I started talking Devkant Mishra son of an eminent Maithili poet Madhupji who had presented me a book EKANEK at the Mithila Mahotsava the previous night. I had turned down its pages and in fact could not talk even for a minute there and hence I felt to thank him first.

In the meantime Jamalpur came and I got down. On the backdrop of the previous night’s rush in the train I preferred to wait for an hour till the reservation counter opened as I guessed a huge rush in the evening Vanachal Express after 4 days continued leaves . I preferred to take bath and puja on the platform itself to utilize my time. I had some Rs,240 in my pocket(after giving a donation to Mithila Mahotsava ) and that was enough for a ticket to Ranchi though I had requested a person willing a ticket to Dhanbad that I may need some money if more to be returned in the train but in Rs. 200 only a wait list ticket I could get which I thought enough for entering a sleeper class for journey even if it was not confirmed. Then I contacted Choudharyji, Munger who asked me to contact Mahashankar Choudhary of Badi Asikpur and in a few minutes he was there on his bike while I had gone to platform again for purchasing a copy of the Hindustan which had camp’s news.

Mahashankar Choudhary is a deeply religious Durgabhakt whose house’s every room has huge portraits of Badi ma Durga of Munger. He is an enthusiastic Mithila worker and is generous enough to donate some 1000 SFT land for Vidyapati Mithila Mandir facing a Shiv Mandir near the BMP Camp which I visited and wished soon a structure there. Ram Pravesh Singh, other Mithila worker resided there and they promised soon a Mithila office there.

The meeting was scheduled there at his house though in the basement too he has sufficient space for holding meeting of 100 persons.

After lunch I took some rest and gradually workers assembled and our meeting started with drums and songs of Maithili. Choudhary himself is a good singer. After some time the chief guest, Abhay kumar Jha, director, NEP( may be of ADM rank or even more) and also a trainee himself spoke good words for Mithila that we were not demanding any new but which had been in the history since time immemorial. He said that he had, “maithilike noon khene chhi- Maithili hamar visshya chhal, sevanirvittik baad ham full time Mithila worker banab.”

3rd day camp was taken by SN Pathak at Munger and he alongwith Madhvendraji and Arbind Choudhary and some others had come from Mumger. Dr. Matand Mishra and many others from jamalpur were present there. I took remaining sessions briefly and the certificates were distributed to 26 first year an done second year trainees.

The camp was concluded with a happy note.Shri Madhvendrji commented jamalpur t kamalpur achhi.. seeing their enthusiasm for Maithila and Maithili.

Shri Abhayji saw us off to Jamalpur station. Madhvendraji and Surendra Pathak went for taking ticket and I enquired for my reservation which was still wait listed.

The train had again a great rush due to local passengers till Kiul which needs extra train at the evening time from Bhagalpur as I had experienced such rush in my earlier journeys too. I saw a berth was vacant till Jasidih ( but it was pnly up to Jamui) and I could get there and slept on upper corner bereth to be awaken by the passenger at Jamui. The rush had been over by that time and I came near the passage near the gate and spread a paper and opened Pravin Ohal’s book, ‘Asia on Foot,’ and thought by 1 am at Dhanbad I may get berth to sleep but soon after Jhajha passed a young man came and asked me as to where I was to go and knowing Ranchi and I had wait list ticket he called me and gave a middle berth of his child who was sleeping with him, I told him that you were God sent person to me and I recalled such a person many years back when he had offered me such a berth when my reservation request in the Shalimar express was not forwarded by the railways.

Soon I slept deeply and could got up in the morning only when soon I found at Namkom the young man with his family got down quickly when the train had an unscheduled halt there and I could not even had the chance to ask the name of that Angel!

Ranchi came and I got down . A senior doctor (but younger to me at Darbhanga ) met me there. I continued in the train till train halted at Katharkocha and then by auto soon I was at Dibadih to walk my quarters with a sweet memory of Munger- Darbhanga and Jamlapur. The little daughter of my sister, Rohini had fever for two days but was alright and laughing as usual and I became ready for my duty and was there in time.

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