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Koshi Mahsetu be named on Vajpayee

Koshi Mahsetu be named on Vajpayee
Koshi Mahsetu was inaugurated on 8.2.2011. It will have a great impact on the Koshi –Kamla belt and through East-West corridor the distance to any part of the country will be much less and also from the strategic point of view it will have a great military healp. It will also reduce the cost for essential transportation to Nepal as well. The bridge will decongest Mahatma Gandhi Mahsetu of Patna as well Rajendra Bridge of Mokamaa-Simariaghat and also Kursela bridge.
Hope a civilization in Koshi belt is getting relief after the tragedy it is facing for flood perrinealy.
It was a dream for many of us who were born in the Koshi bed.
I used to listen from my father who had settled at Forbesganj that before 1934 earthquake OT Railway(Ouadh-Tirhut Railway, the old name of North Eastern Railway, which was called in joke AAloo Tambaku Railway) could reach to Sakri in few hours and it wou;ld be possible in coming days by train also on the railway bridge under construction side way.
I had written an article in the Ranchi Express in 1994 that a Maithil of eastern side of Koshi need 299 km traveling by a circuitous route for a distance of mere 10 km which is swelled with Koshi in rainy season. Thereafter I had written several blogs on it may be searched with my name on Google.

When Vajpayee laid the foundation stone there on 6.6.2003 and also announced for the inclusion of Maithili in the VIII Schedule of the Indian Constitution, it was difficult for me to say which one was more important and even today I am not able to say it reading newspapers reports on www.jagaran from Supaul, Madhubani and Darbhanga districts about the mammoth rally of people.
The bridge has bridged Mithila’s two parts. In pre-1934 there were many relations between Madhubani and Sahrasa, even my mother’s grand (maternal) mother was from Bangaon- my mother was a few years old during 1934. I did never ask where she was born but I presume as per our custom the eldest daughter of my grandmother , she might be at Bangaon.

Initially president of the Antarrashtriy maithili parishad, Dr. Kamalkant Jha said me on mobile that by good fortune of us Vajpayee was alive and hence the bridge may have other name and I had proposed Bharti-Mandan Mithila Mahasetu but 2 days back I found a report from Birirpur(Supaul) somebody had asked for vajpayee’s name and I concted Saharsa and Madhepura as well as president at Jaynagar and vice president Prof. NL Das at Forbesganj for Vajpayee’s name.
In that connection when I contacted Saharsa Prof. Vinay Choudhary to contact Saharsa MLA for it , I became happy that already he had written to this regard about a fortnight back. I read today that Sanjay Jha, MLC demanded this from the dais itself when the people had self- inspired Vajpayee’s slogan of Jindabad! Hukumdeonarayan Yadav’s speech in Maithili had great clappings- it was he who on foundation ceremony had reminded Vajpayee(in ears) fo0r Maithili’s declaration for VIII Schedule(which he already had agreed before the RSS choef KS Sudarshan and Dr. Bhubaneshwar Gurumaita, President,AMP).

Sometimes back Amrendra K Jha from Bokaro had phoned me after a long time that we should celebrate the occasion and be present there. I had problems in leave but I was mentally there and I saw the even on TV.
I collected several printouts from www.jagaran and was pleased to see people were jubilant and saw mammoth gathering.
The inaugurator CP Joshi, the Union Minister of Surface Transport rightly said that dreams hardly fulfill in one’s lifetime- CM Neetish had it and likewise Vajpayee on whose name the Mahasetu needs naming.
I confirmed from Google today that the Rajendra Bridge was built in 1957 and named on him(I do not know before or after death) but we should not wait for naming this bridge on Vajpayee- already people have named it on him and there should be no politics on this which many local leaders have started sadly.
When on the 6th evening I tried for the demand from Nirmali, a young Maithil Umesh was also agreed for Vjapayee over other names though he had in long discussion raised many issues regarding the space of have-nots in the Maithili literature awards and others which need separate discussion only mentioning that those who see society in segments do not see truth and is true from everyone’s perspective.
Let me see when I have a chance to traverse it.

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