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Dhanbad_Deoghar-Godda-Deoghar_ Feb 11-12, 2012

Dhanbad_Deoghar-Godda-Deoghar_ Feb 11-12, 2012

On 11th Feb. 2012 I was scheduled to go to Muzaffarpur but thinking Patna Pustak Mela’s my programme on 19th Feb that meeting was advanced (though there is no Pustak Mela that day for some reason we will have meeting there on 19th for Mithila Vidyarthi Parishad, Yuva Mithila and AMP 2 hours each as talked today with Sanjeev of Chatra).

I was free on 11th Feb. and had asked Praveen of Dhanbad who said that meeting would be done.
I had first decided to go by 10th night Patliputra Expreee bit later changed that for 5 hours journey, an early rise and taking Alleppy Dhanbad would be sufficient. On 10th evening I had been at the Pravin Ohal’s quarter(besides mine) and had got his book ‘Asia on foot,” about which I will write after I finish( along 2 lakh km journey on foot or hitch hike of a 20 year boy with no money in pocket with a mission SAVE EARTH, Plant Tree etc. I thought to take a passenger train in which I could read that book(I read some 50 pages there, pages are of very 9or 10 point fonts..

I could not talk Praveen and I was skeptical whether a meeting at all was arranged for me as Dhanbad president Dhirendra Jha and core worker Mihtilesh Jha had no information till 10th night I enquired. Yet, I had taken NMO materials to have contact in medical college there for utilizing my time and also I told Mithileshji to arrange a talk his Sarswati Viday mandir by 4 pm and hence taking Alleppy Dhanbad was essential but at the Hatia station I found that was 2 hours late and I took a passenger ticket pout of queue to take departing train of 750 and I could get it running with my bag.
At Gomoh I dropped one bag of the Aayurvigyan Pragati in the RMS to the physicians of the country and halved my luggage.
The passenger train is always comforting to me as I can meet the locale and eat fruits etc. from poor vendors.

Luckily VK Das could contact Praveenji and informed me that a meeting was fixed at 630 pm and I was assured of utilization of my time.
I reached Dhanbad in time and enquired curiously for the Alleppey_Dhanbad which was standing at Katrasgarh. I had already told Mithileshji that addressing students will not be possible this time.
I came out but Praveenji was not there and despite almost 30 calls his mobile was not responding and I had an anger for him. I thought the mobile link had failed and in fact my house mobile too did not respond; such problem with 94.. numbers I had in the past at Banka also, I recalled. I made switch off and on but it did not work and hence, and went outside a STD booth from where I could get Praveen’s who was returning to his residence finding me not and also VK Das had returned. They were on the Exit but did not saw ahead where near police barricade I was watching for them to come.
The golden rule is that one should go to main Exit only . I had thus escaped once at Jammu also when my friend Dr. Satyadev had missed me but I reached his residence however here I was not informed as to where meeting was scheduled which is a must for any meeting as then only one can say other where to assemble?
Praveen and VK Das both returned from mid way and then I told them that in such a case one should be suspicious as well as some tragedy may happen with anyone anytime. I had talked them from train from Muri and Gomoh and where I would go?
Pt. Deendayal Upadhyay had lost his life likewise at Mugalsarai and luckily a vender worker of the RSS recognized his dead body and then the world could know.
We informed local president Dhirendra Jha and Mithileshji that we were coming for meeting and went to meet AK Jha, Chief Resrvation Supervisor and an AMP member who hails from Biraul. Then we went to meet a lady Mrs. Choudhary whose residence was close by. She was local vice -president of INTUC. I was shocked to know that the lady was a widow. She hailed from Panchobh the village of my bhuji(wife of elder brother). When I enquired for her children I was informed her eldest daughter was at Jamshedpur and was quite active in social work and when I enquired for her husband’s name I was deeply shocked to know that she was also a widow and surprisingly she as a young widow of only son of her father-in-law had not agreed for remarriage but when she delivered other baby girl, the father in law left her in a lurch and even took up whole money TATA had given in compensation to her husband and a case was going on. When I asked her in-law’s village, she pointed out to VK Das’s( Bharwada, the Gonugram).
I had a chance meeting with journey friend with VK Das who had this chance incidence!
Anyway I asked VK Das to be in contact of her and condemn such demons in the society.

We reached Dhirendraji’s residence and soon Mithileshji came and we had a proper meeting. It was a good thing that local Maithils have already resolved for supporting second language status for Maithili movement in Jahrkhand to which they were in opposition till recently.
It was decided that the AMP would have its state conference in April at Dhanbad to give momentum to this movement.

VK Das narrated a grand story how his son was transferred from Assam to Patna in a Govt. Job on mere talking in Maithili with a high officer and other high officer made the boy released on query and truthful answer that he had no introduction with him and his number was given by his son, the employee. Not only that Maithil did the work he himself phoned Mr Das that his son was released and that is the taste of mother tongue for any genuine work.
Incidentally Dasji’s that son was also known to Mithileshji for RSS connection.
Though I had accepted Dasji’s invitation for dinner at his residence all, including him preferred dinner at Dhirendraji’s house after which we dispersed and with Praveenjee and Dasji came to station.

At Dhanbad station Praveen and me waited till midnight to take Ranchi _Jaynagar Express which had no scheduled stoppage till Jasidih(though I had approached Railways for its halts at Sakri, Chandrapura and Madhupur, only Sakri has been allowed),

We got train around 1 am and were awoke for going ahead Jhajha. We had taken a direct ticket to Baidyanathdham and we slept in the 550am train standing there and around 6 am we were there. We enquired about Bangla Vidyapeeth and decided to walk which would save some Rs.30(or Rs.15 by rickshaw) as well as will take some more minutes to awoke Mishrajee and we reached though there was a confusion with Hindi/Bangla Vidyapeeth but I recalled it was RK Mission’s school i.e. Bangla Vidyapeeth which had a sprawling campus and though we took a longer route it was a sight seeing of that famous institution.
I asked someone about Mishrajee and retired IG Singhjee and he was well known(and later I listened to his discourse on incarcerations and religion through audio cassette on loudspeaker. So it was easy to reach Mishrejee’s house where I had been twice at least.
It took some time to be ready and we were in way to Godda where I first had darshan of Ratneshwar Mahadev before going to Vidaypati Campus where Sarbjeet Jha, advocate and president ,AMP, Godda was waiting and doing all preparations.

I had been many times Godda before I met Sarbjeet Jha but was not successful in holding any meeting. When I knew him and had some visits I became familiar and gradually the local society respect6ed my views. They are already organized as Maithili Brahmins and have a vast campus of 28000 sft on which they are planning a good and spacious Vidyapati Bhavan.

AMP is not a caste based organization yet we believe in the preservation of traditions and cultures. Anti- Hindus call Hindu Dharm ‘Brahminical’ and that is a wrong notion as any Hindu observing any ritual is a Brahminical or Hindu ritual, I use to explain and hence when a proposal of Brahmin Mahakumbh came I said Sarbjeet Jha to see Netaji Subhas’s sticker on his coat.

I was at Godda in the wake of ongoing Brahmin sammelan at Ranchi where many expected my presence and so at Karmauli (Madhubani).

I said at Godda, if a Brahmin does his own ritual everybody would respect him/her and I had said thus after I had in the morning at Deoghar my Samdhy-Vandan and Tarpan, panch devta Puja swiftly at the house of OP Mishra, retd. Chief engineer with whom we (Praveen Jha from Dhanbad and Arun Kumar Jha, Suptd engineer, Deoghar and me with OP Mishraji in his car) had gone to Godda after a delicious chura-dahee. After meeting again there was a good community feast with rice delicious vegetables and finally curd of the highest quality.

Godda is the Mihtilanchal of Jharkhand. The days of division amongst Maithils of Godda on the name of Angika has gone due to the consistent efforts of the AMP and all demanded ma Godda is the Mihtilanchal of Jharkhand. The days of division amongst Maithils of Godda on the name of Angika has gone due to the consistent efforts of the AMP and all demanded Maithil's second language status in Jharkhand.I said that Maithils down Ganga should enrich literature in their own dialect which I prefer to say 'Dakshini Maithili (Grierson erroneously named it 'Chikha-chikhi)I It was my 7th visit 5.9.2003
And Dr. Guneshwar Jha, former president, AMP, Jharkhand had also paid a visit there. This time I was accompanied by Pravin Jha from Dhanbad and O P Mishra, retd. Chief Engineer and Arun K Jha, Suptd eng, from Deoghar. Though many promised from Bokaro and Dumka could not come, it was a good meeting and I am thankful to www.jagaran which has made this lead news of the district that I am forwarding.

Godda’s development is a must and the people have been befooled so far. This is probably only district not connected with rail.

I also explained as to why Santal pargana should go in Mithila for Ganga water availability and reservation to poor sandals which is gobbled up by the developed Chhotangpur tribal also after 50 years there may be a possibility of other state south of Ganga .
The meeting was a successful one and after delicious food we started back and peaveen and me were dropped near the gate of Baba Baidyanath. Soon came my nephew Kerishnakar there and we stayed there for quite sometime and in a stampede like crowd I could have darshan with my ‘kamna,’rather kamanas hardly to be fulfilled..
Iit was my 9th Darshan
Though I had crossed through Deoghar many times more I could not go to Mandir for Darshan. It is one of the XII Jyotirlingas. For Praveen it was the fourth chance of Darshan.

We came to Jasidih and took Patliputra Express and it had a rush for some recruitment in a paramilitary force in which two students whom I recognized ‘lovely babies’ I advised to refrain from joining.
Till Ranchi I came comfortably seating and I got down through a slow moving train near my residence seeing other to getting down though it is not good after Tarun’s accident but if you follow Newtonian law to run with train for some distance in the moving side of the train you can get down.
This is a lesson for the life too- and for any movement too - Do in Roman as Romanians do.

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