Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bande Mataram should get constitutional priority over Jan gan Man.

Bande Mataram should get constitutional priority over Jan gan Man.

Sindh or Sindhu both are Hindu many may argue and in fact Hindustan is the territory of the world which was before the advent of Islam and thus comprising an area even beyond Afganistan which may not be politically India but culturally that is and the National Song's any revision when the poet was dead had hardly any meaning.
Likewise 'Bande Mataram' is correct than popularly written as 'V'ande Mataram' as it is in Bengla(where B is pronnounced not V as in Sanskrit) which in fact in furthur stanza had saptkoti(70 million) kanth(thoats) and 'Dwisaptkoti( 2x 70 million) Kar(hands) keeping in mind the population of the then Bengal's population though that was fully identified with national spirit meaning thereby even working for a state or region(of nation) one can be perfectly national.
In Jan-Gan-Man many areas like Mithila, the first seat of Indian Culture and so other seats are not mentioned yet it is national.
Probably Jayshankar Prasad's
'Himadri Tung Shringse
Prabuddha shuddha BHARTI
Swayam Prabha samujjwala
Swatantrata pukarti"
would have been more appropriate but With Bande Mataram our Independence movement was symbolised and should have been given priorty over Jan Gan Man though both were taken at par

Our nationality is BHARTI not Bhartiya (Which may be Bharti+ Y for Yavan [0utsiders,hoards/ plunderers who came to this land als loted its temples and robbed the ladies simply because we Hindus were not united and had lost comprehension of our nationality which had a wider dimension than the ruling state/ king whichever/ whosoever was)
as said in Vishnupuran
“Uttarm yat samudrasy
Himadraschaib Dakshinam
Varsham Tad Bhartan nam
Bharti Yatra Santat..”
(The land north of ocean and south of Himalayas is Bharat and its progeny are BHARTI)

Dravid comprise Vhola, Chera, Pamdyans, Karnat and Tailangs..though I feel missing MIthila, the Gurupeeth of Bengal(and even of Rabindranath who spoke to Yoirah Parmhans that in his childhood he was impressed by amayan, mahabharat and Vidyapti..and later he wrote first of his poems in Maihtili as Bhanusingher Padawali..
The seat of I, III, X Mandal of Rigveda, Vishwamitra's Gayatri, Samveda, Yajurveda(Yajyavlkya).Ishwasya Upanishad,Brihadaranyak Upanishad, Balmiki's Ramayan, Buddha ,Mahavir and even of Charvak's Mithila was surprisingly forgotten by Gurudeb.-
DR.Dhanakar Thakur

Rabindranath had denied that it was written for Geoge Vtjough it is popularly believed that he himself sang it at the Calcutta congress session on 27/12/1911 and was adopted as National anthem on 24/01/1950. How many of us/our political leaders can recite Jana gana without a mistake.

Because it t was he who sang Bande Mataram in Congress session Bande Mataram should get constitutional priority over Jan gan Man.

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