Friday, July 29, 2011

पद्मनाभ टेम्पले एंड अ केअरालियन

Only last night(28th July 2011) my classmate of MBBS, G, called from AFK (Angmalley for Kaldi,where Adi Shankara was born in Kerala)- Yes AFK is the interesting full name of the railway station, and told,”Dhanakar, next time you visit Kerala, must see ‘our” Temple, Pamnabh, where the matter has more worth than of gold as these were having added value of ‘antiques’.

I narrated her the story of my first tot hat temple in 1985 when around 11 am it was said that the Temple was closed for an hour till the king worshipped. I had to take an immediate bus for the Erankulam and then Mavlekera for G.’s house and I could not wait. On return to Darbhanga I wrote an inland letter to the His Highness King of Travancore that even if the Temple was built by your family, a window must be kept open for a devotee like me while you perform worship and had written that I would never visit your Temple in my life and thus I never went there despite my next 8 visits to Thiruvananthapuram.
The recent disclosure of the treasure cautioned me that probably king had inspection(with puja ) of that treasure that he Temple remained closed during that hours.
But when G. told me last night with reverence-“Our King is a noble, pious an honest man,” I felt the expression of that famous gynecologist( DGO. MD) of the State who had a 200 bedded hospital when I visited last in 2002, even being a Protestant Christian was so natural that I broke my decision, Her expressions proved she was more Hindu than me.

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