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Kolkata visit- Though there had been many Maithil leaders in many parties no one had been leader of Mithila

Kolkata visit- Though there had been many Maithil leaders in many parties no one had been leader of Mithila.

On 14th August 2011 I was again at Kolkata – in about three dozen visits top that metro, I had some two dozen attempts to meet Maithils of different walks and with Asok Jha lead Mithila Vikas parishad it was sixth meeting in the same place of Barrabazar’ 243 Upper Chitpur Road at Mithila Sadan..
Kolkata still has the man pulled rickshaws(of’The City of JOY), and one can get cheap food. Most of the labourers are from Bhojpur or Mithila and Hindi is understood well unlike in 1977 when I had gone there first we were called ‘Hindustani’(Hindi speakers) though we Maithils are nearer to Bengla(in fact Bangla is a daughter language and has diaghter script of Maithili).
Had we been in Bengal, Maithili and Mithila would have not been oppressed as in Bihar we felt.

Exactly I do not recall when I met Ashokji first on whose reference but later on he always had a respect of my work.
He has a conviction for the statehood of Mithila.
Many Maithils do not agree with him for various reasons but those also said that I was a guest and could go anywhere.
Me or the Antarrashtriya Maithili Parishad has no compartments for any Maithili organizations. We wish all should come and discuss for the uplift of Mithila.
Ashokji welcomed me and said that he grades my work higher among the trio(Pt. tarakant Jha, Baijuji and me) fighting for Mithila because I used to go to villages for arousing the people but he wished that all three should come to the national level workshop sometimes after Chhati where two delegates from each district of Mithila should must come on their own train fare though their foodong and lodging will be arranged free. I agreed as it has been the convention of AMP meetings also.

In my humble reply I said that both are my relatives and I was a relatively younger worker than those but have some difference of opinion with them which need redressal-

With Biajuji- that a)he had added recently Akhil Bhartiy to AMP’s Mihtila rajya Sangharsh Samiti founded in 1994 of which Dr. Jaykant Mishra was formally made president in 1996 and Mano Kumar Mithila keshari as general secretary( later Chunchunji vice president and prof. Udayshankar Mishra as General secretary)
b) AMP is organizing Antarrashtriy Maithili sammelan since 1993 till now XXIII Antarrashtriy Maithili Sammelans we could have in Bharat and Nepal but after XI Antarrashtriy Maithili Sammelan in 2003, another series of Antarrashtriy Maithili sammelan with the same name was started which does not seem good- one could go for other word for naming.

Otherwise also, theoretically AMP has a difference, it has always been asking for a Mithila state in India(and separate Mithila State in Nepal). AMP do not subscribe to the map of late Dr. Laxman Jha in this regard.

With Pt. Tarakant Jha- He is an elderly leader and was in fact persuaded by my consistent appeal to join Mithila movement which he accepted in 2000 howev er AMP differe4d with his map of Mithila(only on the north of Ganga) and in fact had visioned that he would take over Mithila Rajya Sangharsh Samiti but he preferred for MITHILA RAJY ABHIYAn and we whole heartedly supported him. Now it was up to him that after becoming a councilor the way he chose to which I have no comment.

( Babu Jankinanadanj Singh , also did not spoke for Mithila State while as MLC 1962-68 during which time many states were formed in India
I would have liked a resignation on this issue to attract public attention like Chandrashekhar Rao did for Telangana movement but again I am not a political man and have limited ability to work.
I wish all persons should work at least in their village and around and gradually movement will spread; we should spread our work in various strata- of castes as well as intelligentsia to work . I explaine4d them that Mithila, Maithili, Maithils are not synonymous nor their working on those aspects.
Mithila work is needing a political resurrection of Mithila for its economic and cultural emancipation and explained how Mithila did not get any central institution(AIIMS,IIT etc), an airport or tourist attraction being in Bihar.

Though I have visited 102 times Mithila for this purpose, and may be probably the most traveled person in Mithila(and of Mithila outside) , I refuted the claim that I had visited all Mithila villages which was practically impossible but if any worker arranged a three nights’ Maithili Workers Training Camp- I will try to come for a day there.
I wished Kolkata the nearest Metro will give a new energy to Mithila movement.

Later Yuvashakti TV channel took my interview on various aspects,where I demanded cancellation of Indira-Mujib Gangawater treaty which is jeopardizing Mithila’s water resources in favour of others apart from Mithila related points.
I also replied them that Mithila is a vast territory compared to Gorkhaland where movement was easier to spread.
I said that though though there had been many Maithil leaders in many parties no one had been leader of Mithila.
I was pleased to see many young faces who were inquisitive to know the progress of Mihthila and Maithili.

Soon Bengal may have Maithili Akademy too, Ashokji had declared while inviting for a sarvbhasha kavi sammelan on 28th August.

I took leave from them and came out on the road I knew(I had while going preferred to walk and asked about Ashok Jha- one person guided me among three- an index of his popularity). In fact I had gone for a friend’s son’s councelling for the medical admission at the tropical medical School(Indian Institute of Public Health & Hygiene) and had this Maithili meeting in bonus. There was no agenda for the next day and hence I returned earlier Ranchi.

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