Friday, August 19, 2011

At varanasi's lanka gate and DPS, Ranchi students against corruption

At varanasi's lanka gate and DPS, Ranchi students against corruption
On 17th August 2011 I was at Varanasi’s famous Lanka Gate where some persons were staging fast in support of Anna. I sat for few minutes and got introduced from persons. Dr.Singh former professor of entomology at the BHU was leading the fast.
I signed in the copybook supporting the move against corruption by the national Medicos Organisation and the Antarrashtroy Maithili Parishad, the organizations founded by me in 1977 and 1993.
I had a memory of JP agitation days but I was an outsider and I had to catch a train from Mugalsarai and hence I sat in an auto.
The next day while coming out of my clinic I saw the students of the DPS, Ranchi after their school closure were in as if in a festive mood to support Anna flying the newspaper of the day which was full of ANNAGRAH, a new version of Satyagrah..
I stood for a moment on the road and watched the youth who were turmoil with the same mood we were in 1974-75 and then too the government was equally insensitive to the point.
Whether corruption can be uprooted without a sense of good thoughts- religious or otherwise. Many of the parents of the students of the DPS are from high up group and is difficult to think when thongs will come on the reality .
However the poinbt is right, Bedi may be at wrong foot while her daughter was given a Mizoram seat at the Delhi medical college or accepting invitation of the US president on breakfast as if a matter of prestige but issue is right.
Baba Ramdev may be doing ‘quackery’, i.e. advising persons on medical diseases or his assistant may be involved in fraud but the issue of corruption is to be protested.
And anyone can rise this voice. People are not behind any person/s but against corruption which has been an afflicting affair.
And hence, I support this movement against corruption.

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