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Ratnesh, Gen.Secy,A.B. Mithila Party, 'a Subash in making for Mithila Movement

Ratnesh, Gen.Secy,A.B. Mithila Party, 'a Subash in making for Mithila Movement

Ratnesh, General Secretary,Akhil Bhartiya Mithila Party, visited me today i.e.18th August 2010. I saw him first on 29.10. 2008 at a Sarita Vhar Kali Puja Pandal in Delhi where he had come to see me in a Mithila meeting organized by Raman Jha almost every year since 2004.

In a train crossing Varanasi ,Ratnesh had read a Mithila poster with slogans written by Dr.Manikant Thakur (presently in US) and which was pasted at Baruni junction by young workers of AMP, Babbu, DK Jha etc. on 2nd October 2008 when I was also there. When he was informed by someone that I was to address a Sarita Vihar meeting he had come and then we had some contact.

He came on 26.12.2008 at the Simariaghat Ashram where president of the newly form Mithila Vikas Party was to meet me but he did not turn up and I had a long talk with him thereafter at Begusarai railway station waiting for a very late train for Khagaria where a press conference was scheduled. He had shown me a pamphlet he had published some 20 years back when he was a student. I found he was energetic and gradually he came closer to me and was instrumental in getting a political party registered with the Election Commission for the first time though the movement had some political mention in 1950s and the MVP had suffered a jolt of ‘infanticidal move.’

Ratnesh had visited me once more Ranchi and had seen a pile of unorganized papers on Mithila and NMO. He phoned me yesterday from Kolkata that he wanted to read a book on Mithila by Dr. Laxman Jha. I had summarily advised him not to go on the footsteps of any as those great persons could not forge an organization for Mithila and also Dr. Jha’s thinking was Mithila if not on the line of present Kashmiri separatists was almost equal to that barring the fact that he was a great Hindu karmkandi.

Janki Nandan Singh too voiced for Mithila but it seems as that was probably also for a ‘political recognition,’ as we listen today for some or other and having all respect for them I feel the road to Mithila can only be traveled by those who have innate faith on the goddess Bhagwati as if she is immortalized as Bharatmata and when the matter is such we have no disrespect for any .

I talked Ratnesh while filing many papers with me since 1992, I am in this movement and could show him the path I lonely traveled, however, I was never alone though only few remained consistently with me either in person or in thought.

I told Ratnesh that in a Maithili magazine I saw a comment on me ,” Dr. Dhanakar Thakur wants seriously to be in news and is seeking some Subaschandra Bose and Jawaharlal Nehru without coming to front fight himself!”

Ratnesh told that he had also read that and wished that I should write the magazine that I could find a Subash(Ratnesh) and Nehru( Kripanand) for Mihtila. Record shows that in 2005 from that Sarita vihar ground I had gone first to Kripanand’s house.

Though like news in newspares for Mithila I never intend for my personal glorification. In fact Acharya surendra Jha ‘Suman’ had advised me that always give news to newspapers as that spreads the movement and in fact in proportion to work done news reports published is rather lower in proportion. While talking to Ratnesh, I could show him a news-report of Aaj , 21.10.1994 and Hindustan of 25.11.1994 and 2.11.1994 where I was boldly mentioned by the unknown journalists and in fact they made me hero in my third foot/cycle march in Mithila. And though I had talked two times including today morning to the editor of that magazine for other reasons in the past 3 days, I did not complaint as to why such remarks were passed and I think searching able workers is important for all social workers and here probably I did better where my predecessors failed in Mithila movement.

Gor the medical NMO or the Mithila-Maithili(AMP), I have remained almost a lone traveler of Rabibdra’s style, “e kla chalo re,” - long back I had slept outside Lady Hardinge’s Medical College’s Kalawati Sharan Hospital’s campus in open when I could not find Dr. Lal Chadra’s room opened in the hostel in a midnight returning from Chandigarh/Punjab- then I was not working for Mithila but for NMO only. Later, after many years, I saw same Lal Chandra could organize NMO’s Silver Jubilee at the Siri Fort uditorium where starting from DY PM Advani some half dozen ministers of GOI were present and also the RSS Chief Sudarshanji and I had a Chhat fast on that day.

It is not that I had not thought for writing the editor that ‘I have got Subhash and Jawahar,’ but I was in a dilemma whether in joke an IAS had told me that he would be ‘Jawaharlal,’ and then other an IPS who is fighting for many social causes could be ‘Subash.’

Just now we had our Independence day and at the banks of Mother Ganga we were at the Simariaghat in the Ashram and while unfurling the flag Swamiji whom I referred as the ’Mithilasant,” I had mentioned about Aurobindo Ghosh’s dreams of ‘Akhand Bharat.’

As per Aurobindo’s supramental state we all need to be Subash and Sawarkar(if not Nehru though he had a sense of respect for Maithili like neo-Nehru Vajpayee showed his magnanimity for it.

But our demand of state will not be based on language but a cultural unit, I emphasized Ratnesh which we share in this part of our holy motherland and never even in the dream Mithila has any status other than in Bharat(and Nepal for Nepali portion).

I also saw Ratnesh a souvenir of the Chattagon Armaorry’s 150’s anniversary, an old patient of mine, had said giving that to me-“I am living only to give you these two books..(on Indiann Revolutionaries).” He was tested by Masterda Suryasen to obey firing on his father in the fixed day of the start of the month while returning with the money for salary from headquarters. Ganguli, then a youth, had fired on his father and became unconscious( it was a mock fire) and later he was admitted to Masterda’s group.

Maithils need a non-violent Gandhian movement- if India could be free from Mithila’s Champaran’s such movement why not Mithila could get statehood by such a mass movement which needs as per a thsesis of some university on Mithila I could show the pages to Ratnesh- “a Subash in making.”

At least I am not a ‘Gandhi,” and so no question arises of anybody’s making ‘exile’ like Subash had to do!

Dr. Dhanakar Thakur
Antarrashtriya Maithili Parishad

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