Friday, August 6, 2010

Coincidences_6.8.2010_Vijay K. Choudhary

Coincidences_6.8.2010_Vijay K. Choudhary
It was drizzling since morning and while coming out of the chamber I took umbrella to walk to library around 1.5 km. I walk everyday and it was indeed a pleasure in walking in drizzling as even a hilly place like Ranchi and many other districts of Jharkhand had been declared under draught. I was mentally thinking about next week’s Mithila meeting at Simariaghat for which I had just concluded giving information to the expected 17 persons.
On the VIP road while I was crossing a car too and it was stopped to give me lift. I thought initially that he was from SAIL and must be knowing me though for me it is still difficult to remember even in a long gap of 20+ years I am serving as a doctor to 3000 + employees of MECON-SAIL
The gentleman said after a while that his grandfather (of 105 years) used to say that if you help someone in need you will have no problem in life, of course on highways one should be careful for any untoward may happen.
I remembered such an incident many years back when I had given lift to an old person in Bariatu while I was coming to the Main Road from there.
We got introduced each other. He was from Patna and was working in Jahrkhand Govt in the water resources dept. and knew of one my brother-in laws who is an Executive Engineer. We even exchanged phone numbers but let us see whether this introduction lasts long?

In 2-3 minutes, We talked briefly about the ubiquitous title ‘Choudhary,’ which is in many castes- Brahmins, Vaishyas, Kayasths, etc. to which he added that even in Muslims when I said that it pertained to revenue collection(Tehsildar) of old days. I did not remember then a famous quote from the Satya Harshchadra play written by Bhartendu harischandra himself-
“Ham Choudhary Dom Sardar
Amal hamara dono par”
In fact there too the said Dom was to collect revenue for burning any dead body and King Harischandra working as Dom there had taken revenue from his wife,Shaivya too for burning his son, Rohitashwa! And that was the final test of Harischandra. He asked his wife, Shaivya, to give a part of kafan(the white cloth on the dead body) if she had nothing to give! And when wife started tearing the cloth, the gods appeared and praised the truthfulness and honesty of Harischandra!
Who is honest in this era. My sister’s daughter, Priya. A student of B.Com ,residing in my residence, only last night had quipped that I did not bring any medicine even for household use when many in the township(even getting prescribed by me on fictitious symptoms) do wash utensils from costly strips of medicine. I told her that if I took medicine for her(who is non-entitled) is equivalent to a taking cash from a box, if I was to guard that. I knew I was not a Harischandra but surely I was also not alike to many scammers (of common wealth!).

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