Tuesday, August 3, 2010

MEA Travalogue_Way to Ranchi: A sadistic pleasure in making a Telugu standing journey in revenge to Sheshdri express journey where I was denied a seat

MEA Travalogue_Way to Ranchi: A sadistic pleasure in making a Telugu standing journey in revenge to Sheshdri express journey where I was denied a seat.


It was an interesting journey . At Jolarpettai(in Tamilnadu) a passenger seating on the front seat asked for dosa’s rate and it was said to be Rs.10 for two but when he was giving money it was taken Rs. 10 for one. Was it language gap or just doubled knowing the Hindi knowing non-Tamil? Dosa in south is always given two(rather three in Karnataka) ,anyway the passenger had to give rs.1o each.
The interrex(hijras) are common in such trains and they usually take money from young person but from one Oria boy returning to his home, the Kinnar took Rs. 500 note and almost he was weeping. I chided the Kinnar and gave rs.20 for him and his note was returned and he took sigh of relief. 2-3 Kinnaras came and had told me in loud voice as to why I forced their friend to returned note of s.500. Some person told me that one of such Kinnar had taken Rs.5000 from a passenger and did not return only a few days back. However they went when I retorted . The boy , a labourer was returning to his native place , Kesinga and returned me money next morning.
The next morning I learnt Telugu numerals, Oktai, Rendu, Mudu, Naalgo, Aiydu, Aaaru, Edu, Animidi, Tomidi and Padi for 1 to 10 and then Padkundu for 11.., Ervai for 20, Moppai for 30, Nalvai for 40, Yavai for 50, Arvi for 60, Eduvai for 70, Envai for 80, Tombi for 90, Onda for 100, Vaiya for 1000, Padivelu for 10000 and then lakshya, Koti, Arab like Sanskrit/Hindi
In tamil 1 to qo is called Onnidi, Randu, Muna, Nal, Anchi, Aaar, Aedu, Eto, Ombiti,Oatho and in Kannada Ondu, erdu, Muru, Nalco, Aiyd, Aaaru, Edu, Ento,Ampto and Hattu to which I was conversant having lived for some months at Bangalore and had in fact attended for six months Kannada classes also. As a tribute to that translation of Mauni(by UR Anathamurthy is in half way).

When it was night some rush pressed seated passengers but due to my resistance the fellow passengers were seated at ease 4 on seat for 4 which usually is 5 or six. When at Vishakhapatnam one young person argued me (in English) I told him the incidence of two nights back when I had to come standing from Vijaywada to Nellore. His all arguments were in vain and I admitted that he was not to be punished for the mistake of any other Telugu but I told him that I was doing thus only to realize symbolically to Telugu people that they should not hate any Hindi speaking.
He ke[t standing for long and talked with one other young student who next day at the time of getting down was introduced to me as a Maithil boy who was in IIT,Chenani and doing research on nanotechnology on some anti- viral drugs. His friend had got down after some hours and he could get other seat and in the process because he did not reveal that he belonged to Jharkhand or Mithila was punished by standing, maybe he would have introduced him and we might have accommodated him and or his friend too. For me it was just a jokingly revenge or a sadistic pleasure!

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