Monday, October 5, 2009

Bundelkhand’s Water crisis

Bundelkhand’s Water crisis

Though I am opposed to the ambitious Ganga-Kavery linking with interlinking of piennisular rivers, I feel Yamuna-Chambal interlinking may help parched Budelkhand which is making life there difficult.

When I discussed this with flood and water expert Dinesh K. Mishra he said that it may be a possibility though he has not studied much beyond Koshi and other rivers of Mithila.

Rahul’s espousing of Bundelkhand might have irked UP and MP CMs, problem of Bundelkhand is a reality.

I have been associated closely with Bundelkhand as two of my brothers were in that reason and also Chaumas , apublication by MP Govt. on Bundeli culture I am receiving regularly.

I wish some remeady to Budeli miseries do come in view, including statehood tot hat to press the problems on proper for a.

Dr. Dhanakar Thakur
Antarrashtriya Maithili Parishad

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