Wednesday, October 21, 2009

On permitting friends of opposite sexes in hostels

On permitting friends of opposite sexes in hostels
One may have some impact on generational shift but while co-education has been welcomed by the society, co-habitation is not seen on the same line. Every society has its own value/ Laxman Rekha and any institution runs as per its norms. While such an advice may remove some angularities, it may add some unwanted and maybe adding to a few more cases of serious problems(including ‘suicides’).
Whether whole day meeting in libraries and college rooms are not enough that visiting hostels still needed?(Do not be mistaken I also had visited my girl class friend’s hostel’s visiting room- now she is a roaring practitioner of her locality, but let me say had we gone more closer, I might have to find Vivekanada rock even earlier. Remember once such friend do not comply to other’s emotion, she is like a rock herself!
Ours is not a permissive society and TV mediated soaps offering such models will increase rift in friendship and more failures in marriage than pleading for ‘openness.’
I recall in an episode of AIDS International Congress. In 1992,when I almost chided Nalini Singh, the media person, ’Chairing the session you should not prophesize distribution of condoms over ethical norms,’ when some Bangalorean Mod –Women activists had objected to me saying,” As mother in law we will give condoms to our daughter in laws.”
Hostel visiting of friends of other sex need some prohibitions and institutions should take care of that as per their norm.

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N E S I said...

I m agree and very accurate to say that Man & Woman are distincted by nature.Adopting an open society norms is not possible as it leaves no space for margined relations and all relations are taken as relations of Man & Woman.Certainly we cann't accept a such relations.