Monday, October 5, 2009

Vachaspatis Murtis

Vachaspatis Murtis

Today on 5th Ocober 2009 I had long very long conversation with Bauji(Kashinath Jha) whom villagers had appointed member the Vachaspati Statue Committee of the AMP. In fact when had phoned I was doing daily tarpan which I am doing since some days as being advised by Prof. Udayshankar while we were at Dalsingsarai some months back.

I phoned Kashiji and took the numbers of the owners of the land which was once upon a time was the seat of Vachaspati in 9th century.

I had one of the longest phone talk9around 51 minutes) with Chandradhar Jha, retd. Prof. Maithili, Patna University, his nephew but elder in age Kameshwar Jha, retired engineer in-chief and brother of Dr. Gyaneshwar Jha, senior me in DMCH.

All were willing that the place be developed and they will happily donate the land.

Kashiji also made me talk to Mahesh Jha son of late Pt. sahdev Jha whose life time work was to establish the fact enunciated by Madhusudan Saraswati that Mithila’s advait was Bhavadwait which does not require Kavalya or renunciation as propagated by Shankaracharya. He was also of the opinion that Shankara did not visit Mandan and so called shastrartha between them was not held.

A book on Sahdev Jha is to be published and as I had promised Indra Narayan Jha of Sarara, who worked in CCL and is settled at Lalit Colony,Ranchi that I will contribute an article on Pt. Jha’s work which I had already quoted while delivering a lecture on philosophers of Mithila in honour of Dr.Adyacharan Jha on Dec.12,2008 at Patna Book Fair. When Mahesh Jha reminded me I promised him to give two articles by 25th October 2009(on Bhavadwait:The Vedanta of Maithils and Shankara’s Visit to Mandan Misra- where my view will be to see Shankara’s visit as visit of one great scholar to other great scholar who agreed to salvage Sanatan Dharma by Buddhist onslaught. ) when we will meet at the residence of Mithileshwar Jha for Vachaspati Murti in Thadhi as well as Samaul my village near Pandaul where Vachaspati II, the great Karmkandi and author of 41 books was born.

What a similarity- at Thadhi also Misrain and Bhamati pond(called Punarna) and at Samaul again Misrain and Chhotki ponds. Seems Bhamati was also second wife of Vachapati I that he loved her more and named the famous book on her.

It was the idea of Dr. Sureshwar Jha that statues be built for both and I wish in a single stroke fund will be generated for both(least people will get bored one after other Vachaspati) and I hope HH Shankaracharya to inaugurate both on a single day forenoon at Thadhi and afternoon at Samaul.

Now that Thadi’s landowners have assured me al help, Samaul’s land is with our family itself and my mother had purchased 5 kathhas of land from one of my cousin nearby which we will donate to Vachaspati II’s deeh development.

Gradually I feel such development of important place be done through Mithila Seva manch, an agency of Antarrashtriya Maithili Parishad which will have ledger page for each such work and the passbook will be shown to villagers’ representative concerned that the donation given by that particular village had been remitted to that specific project.

AMP hopes at least one day salary be sent to the account(number will be sent to the aspirants) and soon many such social work will appear in Mithila.

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