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Vachaspati’s Thadhi

Vachaspati’s Thadhi

I had asked boys in the Nanaur High School to make portrait of Vachaspati, the greatest scholar India had produced

On 1st September morning we were ready and took bus to Thadhi, 7 km from Nanaur. We went to Kamladitya(Kamladan) said to be once capital of Mithila. People guided our 3 km walk. There was a new temple on old earthen mond of much height. The old Pujari Bhola Rai said that temple dated 116 Shak samvat..some 200o years back. There was a plaque in which Mithilkshar were engraved some king’s dynasty but the fool villagers slapped cement on that. The idol of Kamla,Laxmi was there. Other was broken. I felt sorry again that I did not carry a camera or mobile with camera!). Also of Ganga, Kuber’s idols were there.

The idols are probably of Bddistic perod made of Chunar slabs.

Rai said that a full skelton (of magardwaj sain of Nath sect) was found there intact of amny century’s antiquity.

The new temple was made with contributions from Mumbai 25,000 whie villagers of Andhra had given 21000 of total 111138 Rs.

Bhola Roy is a Bhumihar whose forefathers came 9 generations back from Muzaffarpur and they had some 6 acre lands in their name(while temple had only 2 kathha 9 dhurs)!

Chiti Durga is celebrated there.

I had told Kamlkantjee that it was a cursed place so people do not visit there much and he agreed to me after the skeleton stiry which might be a murder any time. The capital of Mithila was s furlong off which was inhabitated by people now. Excavation may tell whether the claim of Sahdev Jha was right for it as capital or Simraon garh in Champaran was capital in deed. But surely the area has a landscape of capital- roads all where and over 70 ponds.

Then we asked a tea shop our desire to visit Vachaspati’s dwelling?Deeh. He told me t was in returning way near a pond , where is a tree of Dhatrim..

We went there- it was a dilapidated deeh. Someone also had trying to cultivate some crop (kudari san tami kay) but othr portions were intact. There came Prem Kumnar Jha to guide us. He was a ward member also and a social worker. I appointed him as secrtary of AMP.Thadhi and gave a task to work for a statue of Vachaspati which was hinted to me by Prof.Sureshwar Jha sometimes back. I told him that Vachaspati I and II(in my village Samaul, statue projects will be taken up simultaneously and in a proper formate I will as for donation all over the world wth my initial contribution for Rs.5,000 for each, It was a matter of shame that some other scholar’s statue was there in the village but n9ot of Vachaspati desite HH Puri Shankarachrya’s visit some years back and promise for the same.

There is still ponda named on Misrain and Bhamati(in my village to Misrain and chhotaki pokharis are but no body ever tried in my village to have any crop in that deeh of Vachaspati II of 15 century- in my childhood I had seen the place where we used to go.

But while my villagers(my family which owns the land from many generations) did never think to have any crop it was place of defecation which is still a revered place in Thadhi where they observe Navah aftr saraswati Puja. I congratulated them and took pieces of soils from different portions of Vachaspati deeh.

Then we went to Sahdev Jha’s house who had expired recently at the age of 92. Sahdev Jha was of the opinion that Shankaracharya never visited Mithila and Mithil’s advait is a distinct one,which does not ask for Sannyas. Madhusudan saraswati had named that ‘Bhavadwait,” of Grihasthas. Sahedev Jha was agreat compiler and Vachaspati Museum is thre which could not visit die to paucity of time.

In the way I saw house of Amrendra Narayan Jha of Bangalore where too I coud not go due to lack of time but thought in mind though he had left AMP will make him convenor for the Vachaspati I statue project of AMP. I know once I go to Bangalore he cannot say no.

In the way I saw the place of Dr.Jagannath Mishra’s sister which was promised by him to give for Kanya Vidyalaya but was given to his son Neetish, MLA. I said that probably thus Rajnagar became a reserved constituency! Aftetr all the property beloged to kith of Dr.saheb’s sister not of her Naihar and Dr. Saheb is such a wealthy man that he hardly need anything!

Sahdev Jha’s son narrated the story of a dakini who used to come in while dress in midnight to Parmeshwari Sthan. Many saw her but could not catch even her dress or could lesson the distance in between even being very fast.

In the way to Parmeshwari Sthan, we saw statue of Kaveeshwar Chanda Jha(Shake 1753 Magh shukla 7 i.e. 20.1.1831-1909) which was in his sasur.

Finally we visited parmeshwari sthan which was a very big campus with amny temples and pond.

Then we had a bus to Nanaur. I proceeded to Jhanjharpur from same bus taking my bags from the school on road. At Jhanjharpur a Darbhanga boiund bus was came so close that jumping the stalled water my soe was in mud. Really it was a protective that time. I missed bus in pulling out my shoe and washing that and sock and then by next bus I came to Darbhanga and took my bus to Ranchi informing Dr.Sureshwar Jha AMP’s plans for Vachaspti’s deeh. He was very happy . Let me see if it can succeed!

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