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Vidyapati, Umacharan Jha, Achutanand Thakur, Dinesh Chandra Jha, Abaji Thatee, Female infanticide

Blog 11.11.08’ Vidyapati, Umacharan Jha, Achutanand Thakur, Dinesh Chandra Jha, Abaji Thatee, Female infanticide
I must leave in a few minutes for today is Vidyapati smriti (punya Tithi) a small program by AMP, Ranchi from 5 pm. Vidyapati was tallest figure in our north east India who reverberates us even today with his melodies…
Also at Muri, Amp will have small function and many Maihtili oirganisations will have so at numerous places.
We usually celebrate birthday but we do not know of Vidayaptai’s and hence Punya Tithi…

Today Achytanand Thakur, one of the oldest man of my village, expired at Ranchi. He had been as if officiating president at AMP, Jharkhand new office. Some days back I had talked to him and noted many points about my village, samaul..
Such old persons are every where- please collect their memory. when they will go we do not know like PAKAL AAM. Please record their experience..
On Sunday I cold attend Dwadasha bhoj of Dinesh Chandra Jha who was a ‘hard core honest’ chief engineer Bihar could ever produce!
A generation is going – learn something from them..

My bhabhi Kusum, Jamshedpur must be sorry to know that I could not get her on phone- I had numbers noted many years back when I had visited her house at Jamshedpur and in fact net was matter of communication- but you need everythng when which will fail you do not know..

On Sunday I was busy in a symposium on Prof. Uma Charan Jha; Vyaktitwa aa Krititwa: oresided by Pro Vice Chancellor Ranchi University, Prof. Badrai Narayanan who told us that Prof. Jha did not teach philosophy but was a philosopher; he did not study Buddhism but became Buddha…
Dr. Guneshwar Jha spoke for him as a doyane of Ranchi University..
KB Sinha , sr. advocate said he was an ajatshatru..
Dr. Bhavnath Choudhouri, Dr. sarsawati Mishra(Prof. Jha’s philosopher daughter with whom I crossed on many philosophical aspects of Mithila , Buddhism and Prof. Jha), Dr. CD Mishra and Dr. kashi Nath Jha spoke high of a man, higher than time and at the level of every man…

The whole dialogue is taped and video recorded.. though local press did not give place to give news, it was one of the AMP’s best programme.
The whole matter will be in book shaped to be released on 14th December when at Book fair Patna,AMP, Bihar will also meet(and I will deliver a lecture on Contribution of Mithila in Indian pgilosophy: The philosophic basis of Mithila state—on 13th I will talk there on economic basis of Mithila state..

Yesterady I delivered a tlk on female infanticide at Town Hall, Ranchi after which one youngmanShantanu Chatterjjee came to me impressed by my speech and some other persons working with NGOs.

I go these days to attend Gita VI Chapter by Chinmay Mission and had been on Saturday at Lalit Colony listening to Bhagwata by Swami Bhaskarananda of Chinmay Mission..
I do not know my own Mission but want just ot work with no aspiration of result, I wrote so to Dr. Neelkamal Joshi of Ahmedabad whom I liked much while he worked in the NMO with me.
Squeezed between AMP and NMO, just could release draft resolutions for the NMO, Bhopal Conference, Nov.15-16 and will start tomorrow for that. Dr. Sajiv Kelkar, Nagpur asked for last page of Dr. Abaji- who wrote in his diary,” Those who strive for something.. they can be slept thapthapakar .. by three words only,”MRITYU,”

And who is afraid of that…??
Tday is death day of many..they all are AMAR..

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