Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mrityu and Vishram? - Thus said Aajee Thatte

Mrityu and Vishram? - Thus said Aajee Thatte
again few minutes to leave.I have taken my meals. I had gone to election booths where electoral rolls were to be displayed and corrected but for three days no one had come. I talked to deputy election secretary of the Jharkhand state and may take his help on during 18th to 24th when I return from Bhopal to renter my name though I have a voting card I did not find name in roll when I had gone for councils polls.
Well in India, it is a difficult process , most of the cards issued have misprint and when I got other corrected one my name was deleted.
I need it as I may even contest resigning from service though I have a bigger issue before and that issue is before all I talked to many workers. Maithils feel neglected by all parties and if such a new venture comes many miracles may happen.
Though basically I am a non political man and want to be in social cocoon amy be some change needed to rectify process, I told Premchand Jha of Jharkhand Maithil Manch when he phoned me to invite for Sama Chakeba festival this evening which I cannot attend because I have to catch my train.
And having scan of Ma. Abaji’s last line I mentioned yesterday let me correctly put that:
“Uttung dheya ke liye Pagal bane vyaktiyon ko “Vishram” ye teen akshar kaheen khoj kar bhee nahee milte. Unhe Vishram lene ke liye, badhya karne, thapthapa kar sulane kee kshamata keval ek he eke hathon me hoti hai aaur uska nam hai ‘MRITYU,”

Dr, Abajee Thatte( 24.11.1918-27.11.1995) wrote thus in Marathi in fact in his diary before he slept for good.
He was MBBS(Mumbai.1943) who dedicated himself to the service of the nation instead of choosing the glamour of medical practice and had been a source of inspiration to me whom I regard as NEO-DADHICHI. My father was also born in 1918 and he was thus a father figure to me.
I talked Mithileshjee Dhanbad for long and many others for future action which is in the time-womb!
Now I should leave.
Let me remind my Bhauji (whether I write Bhabhi or Bhuji, Dr. jaykant mishra had suggested to me to write in maithili Chhati in stead of Chhat in my autobiography when I was writing non-English word), Kusum who phoned me last night for knowing who Achyutanand Thakur was? He was known as santu babu and was her uncke- in law but what I wrote yesterday was wrong that her number might have changed- no I was unnecessary dialluing with nine numbers –tenth was missing.
Anyway I am missing her and many of her …

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