Friday, November 21, 2008

“The Small is beautiful:Healthy India and prosperous Mithila my twin goals.”

19.11.2008(revised 21.11.08)

“The Small is beautiful:Healthy India and prosperous Mithila my twin goals.”
Voter I card, Marriage anniversary,etc.

A week has passed since I wrote something not because I had no topic but was wandering among topics- on 12th night I took a train to Varanasi with sacs of Aayurvigyan Pragati with me. A fellow young passenger was a research scholar at the IIT, Kanpur(I find a news on 21.11.2008 that IITs considering medical courses which for limited bio-technical subjects with nearby medical college hospital support may do wonderful research) on a medical topic,” Super hygiene related childhood bronchial asthma.” When I enquired something and suggested my own hypothesis, ”Lovely child syndrome,” I have written in my autobiography, it was essential to me that I should give him my introduction as a doctor though he was thinking me a professor and I had initially told him that I was an editor which too was correct but I was a clinician and sitting in the Nair Hospital Library had written a synopsis on the ” New frontiers of managing bronchial asthma,” as a precondition to my service to the Cipla Ltd. at Mumbai in 1989 which though they offered me I rather loved to work in Cardiac Cath lab. Of the J. J. Hospital when I met Dr.Anil Kumar there who was an alumnus of my Alma Mater, the Darbhanga Medical College and was 5 years senior to me.

At Mugalsarai, I dropped a bag of the journals in the RMS box and at Varanasi my younger brother came and he took away rest of the bags. I went for a Ganga sanan to Dashaswmedh Ghat which I had. I had to take Ganga snan within a year of my father’s death and that I could there. There was a rush of Kartik poornima there which I had also seen at Kashi station before the junction, the Cant station. People had thronged there from all corners of the country and I saw many south Indians. Even Devegowda, the ex-PM had been for the darshan of Baba Vishwanath and naturally there was a long queue of devotees and when I reached there what people sad I assumed that if I stay I would miss my train 1550 and hence, putting Gangajal to a sideway Shiva temple, I returned back to station.

Before Allahabad too there is a suburban station Prayag where too Ganga had many pilgrims assembled for Ganga snan where during Kumbh in 2001, I had taken a holy dip amongst the largest congregate of human beings in the world.

I reached Bhopal and met Dr. Madhup in the same guest house at the GMC where we had met previous time also. In fact, my life had taken a turn and though I could have pursued my D.M. at Mumbai even without which I became a part of angioplasty, pace maker implantation etc. done there so cheap on a nominal rate. I had come back to Ranchi to save my marriage which I could not and still I am hovering out on the fall out of that as if a loneliness like the big depression in the Sensex of market all over.

My wife had left me for the NMO and in a way later the NMO too left me but for a dedicated worker, Dr. Madhup Kumar who stood firmly for the principles NMO stood which was primarily an organization of medical students dedicated to the social service. We had thus conferences at Indore, Katihar anf Goa and now at Bhopal on Nov.15-16,2008. Though old guards did not attend there were many young faces which promise a positive turnout in coming years.

The NMO conference had problem that the lady Director, of the medical college demanded Rs.50,000 per day for the auditorium and we had to shift the venue to a nearby hotel which though had flags of BJP(the owner of the hotel was an active member), they too blackmailed us to the maximum possible and the young doctor organiser could not bargain and some 6,000 Rs. were given to him. Usually such party workers of any party are not social workers but businessmen and in fact politics has become a good business as I could witness from the news and views of Bhopal in full election swings.

Many would have thought about me that I too was there for the same purpose but not only I was there simply because it was not known to us when the conference dates were fixed that those will be election days. We only had checked marriage dates should not clash but election is a great marriage of wealth and hypocrisy though in a democracy you cannot remain aloof.

Despite that election fever at least four newspapers , Nav duniya, HT, Nav Bharat, Sandhya Prakash, Good night published NMOCON’s news- the Nav Duniya and HT published both days’ release. Dr. Sajeev Kelkar listening to all developments said that he returned back after many years to the NMO conference at a critical juncture when it was needed most.

I told him that happenings are merely showing that even good persons can mistake.
I think I should have said in stead of ”Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely,” the scenario here was ,”People want power even without working and such persons cannot tolerate any working even if done honestly.”

At Bhopal though I was busy, with Dr. Naveen Meher going I could see the picturesque town of lake and old buildings with new masons- At Ballabh Bhavan,the Secretariat a police man came us to say that photography was prohibited.
Young student of Hospital Pharmacy, Raman Patidar, was much enthusiastic for a conference at the GMC again and I thought my planning of a series of national organizations of Medicos, Ayurveda, Homeo, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Biotechnology, Nursing, Agriculture, Veterinary, Forestry, Management, Accountancy, Software and other branches of engineering and in fact in every disciplines we need them which are bereft of partisan politics to reconstruct the nation.
I wanted to make NMO, one such though I am not averse to politics however I never intended to make NMO, a vehicle of that which many friends of mine did like. Am I like a Janak who though in politics wanted to remain aloof of that..Will MVP(Mithila Vikas Party) will be same- might be PP. Guruji might have thought for the BJS too in the same vein but he was absolutely correct,” in big programmes workers are separated while in small workers are developed,” and so NMO lost many after the grandeur of the Silver Jubilee and is getting younger like Naveen in smaller conferences. “The Small is beautiful.”
I am tethered between politics and social service and have strong reservations for many who are not accountable and do not speak in diatribe and so have no quality for a politician. Yet, I am trying to get voter id card though that I had but I do not find my name in the electoral list. Hardly people may like persons like me wedded to principles as I cannot help many out of turn. Some body was seeking a vehicle and some one some drugs which I had not. At times, I am pessimistic and see very few years of life ahead and some times with full vigour to restart my life again. Am I a broken man? I do not know. I simply know to work whichever is before me and will do so. The aim of healthy India and prosperous Mithila will remain my twin goals, if nothing personal in life. And hence, I wrote the aims of MSP (Mithila Seva Parishad) and may write for MVP (Mithila Vikas Party). My senior friend Govindacharya is again in active politics. Let me see if we can ever meet again.

I had been busy in sensing Maithil’s mood who are ready for anything though I am not seeing my service span with a revised pay yesterday which has become more lucrative.

Last two days I have been busy in getting my voter ID card which is a difficult work in India for frequent check ups. I feel a single card, made on the permanent address, should be valid through out India even if person changes residence and on line voting be allowed from any corner of the country in this IT age otherwise colossal man power loss will continue of enumerators as well as electors who should be allowed to change constituency themselves on changing their address as per present address’s constituency and in any cast they may vote for only one candidate.

My sister’s marriage anniversary is today and brother in law came yesterday. They started getting calls as soon as in the midnight date changed. The matter of fact is that in fact their marriage must have crossed other date in the marriage night. After all Puja and others if done should have been on Hindu calendar and Tithi unless we adopt Solar Calendar in practice though lunar calendar with Malmas every third year has geo-astrological better correlation.


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