Friday, October 28, 2011

Deepawali 2011

Deepawali 2011
After many years during Deepawali I was at Ranchi.
Since 2002 I mostly used to got to Delhi's Sarita Vihar and Faridabad Kali Puja with an intention to see many Maithils.
Lately I found that Sarita Vihar has changed its face from Maithili to Bihari and initial lectures stopped.
It was because Maithils there thought to have some more gathering by calling non- Maihtil Biharis too which should have been checked initially on my warnings and that lead to Hindi usage and later changing format of the programme.

Faridabad youth have become old still they are continuing instead they should have transferred to new generation.
Still I love their gesture to me and dedication.
This year Deepawali in mid-week day would have amounted many day's leaves and hence I preferred not to be out. I did fast and in the evening had Puja reading from the Varsh Kritya.
it is Puja of Laxmi- Indra and Kuber in the pradosh( 1 h 12 minutes from sunset) and of Kali in midnight(Nisheeth) which I could not do as I had some viral upper respiratory tract infection induced fever.
In the last prahar( 3-6 am) ther in the Maithil tradition is Sukhraatri by Maithils main lady of the family by slapping SOOPs- daridra bahar jay..Laxmi bheetar abaithi..
Though I was awake at 3 am I did some computer filing worker till 5 am when other members of my house were asleep.
At 4 am from Muzaffarpur, Shardanand Jha's SMS was received and I replied him too, incidentally I was awoke though he had this yogic venture a routine.
From Patna a journalist met me in the JNU many years back called .Amlemdu works with AAJ at Patna and is a cousin of my cousin sister's son from Ojhaul
Today greeted Col IN Jha from Gujarat who was active at Kota and will work for Mithila in futre.
Last year I was at Kanpur on that day.

Many Maithils have sent SMS, mails and some have called also.
I wish all of them and others through this mail the same gaiety in their lives.

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