Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Coincidence- Chinmaya Maithils

Coincidence- Chinmaya Maithils

I am attending Chinmaya’s Chief PP Tejomayanada’s pravachan on XVII Chapter of Geeta(to be concluded this evening) and Mandukya Upanishad( Manduk= Head/ Surpeme/God, K+ bliss) the first part of which conclded this morning.
I had listened to HH Swami Chinmayanada in Nov.1989 (Gita VI chapter and some Upanishad in the morning dealing with Yoga, name I do not recall). In Gurudakshina I had then given him some pamphlets of National medicos Organisation(NMO) and he had sent me a letter with his own handwriting- NMO sensed like ‘Namo.’

After I joined service at MECON, Ranchi,I came in contact with Ranchi Chinmites through a member of NMO at Thiruvanthapuram, Suraj Menon, a medical student of medical college there whose mother was a teacher at Ranchi’s my own colony’s DAV School.(Now my colony is famous for Dhoni’s colony.)
After returning Ranchi I searched for Mrs. Menon and came in contact of her and started attending Sunday Balwadis (like RSS shakhas with children) for few minutes in the end, if I was in station, just to encourage her that she was in a good mission.
The little boys and girls chanted Gita- this year 17000 such students from Ranchi alone!

In the meantime I was transferred to Bangalore and I had time to compete my Maithili translation of Gita(available on web- search Maithili Gita on Google, but do not take print, a revised version is ready with a kind forword from HH jagadguru Shankarachaya Swami Nischalanandji of Puri- those want may be sent a soft copy till published).
In fact I had an English version of Gita and I used to write 3 shlokas daily in a Gita dairy and in 206 incidentally I started writing in Maithili which I could complete at Bangalore in September 2006.
When I came back Ranchi swami Madhwananda;s XV chapter was in the Satellite township and I attended that and then Bhagwata by him there.
And then attended almost whole Shrawan sadhana 9in 21 months- every month a week) despite my weekend outstation tours( years since 1992 I am engaged in Maithili’s constitutional recognition(accorded in 2003) and in Mihtila’s statehood agitation and hence am busy week ends but I had kept Nov. end at Ranchi to listen to the heir of HH Swami Chinmayanada. In the meantime a great Mithila warrior Chunchun Mishra passed away but I did not go his shraddha karm as to complete the Jnan Yajjn which will be completing this evening.
What I learnt is not immaterial from a scholar swami but I could video record his speech which will enthuse millions of devotees.

There are some Chinmaya Maithils also. First evening I was attracted to a person’s ‘Tik(Choti0 and also to a biy (guessed his son) and was correct the next evening I dared to ask his introduction.
Yes, he was a Maithil from Kacchwi0Maibi-Kacchwi) I could not visit in 2009 Durga Puja though scheduled- his wife also attending the course hailed from village Tatuar.
When this morning Swami prayed guardians to allow their child if they asked for taking Vedanta course , the face of Maithil boy flashed in my mind. Maithils are following Pravirti Marg but knowledge of Vedanta is the Supreme.

Talking to a Sultanpur CHIK graduate I talked his uncle a doctor also and talked for NMO also of the GSVM Medical college, Kanpur.
And then two young men working for Chinmaya office at Ranchi from Samastipur.
I hope someday Chinmaya Mission will send its emissaries to Mithila also where too conversion is going on.
Having an Islamic onslaught, Mithila lost its kingdom(and so statehood) in 1326 AD and now even Christians are wooing by broadcasting Bible in Maihtili in Indian and Nepali areas of Mithila. Let such Hindu Missionary work there.
Many persons of the locality of Ranchi presume me a Chinmaite.
There is a grain of truth in that though I am not a fully devoted- Many other groups also think for me such.

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