Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Me a Communist or a nationalist

Me a Communist or a nationalist
Some days back I was sitting in my hospital casualty and during some social discussion a Bengla speaker commented on me, “Sir, you are an ardent communist and you will not agree to this point (that US may deliver good in Obama’s visit)..
I laughed(mentally) that it was a compliment to me that though born under RSS laps I was able to establish my reputation as a rationalist among my neighborhood some of whom may regard me even as a communist.
On 27th I met two Russians wandering in Magistrate colony and I told them that communism and capitalism are two faces of a coin as they lack spiritualism.
They were taken aback to know that I knew Russian also though was at difficulty to speak after 1973 and the Russian had difficulty in speaking English.
I feel any true nationalist should have that stand.
I recall in 1960s ,the Organiser ha a headline of PP Guruji,”neither Russia nor America will help us,”..if we are not strong..

In my life I shared a dais with Maoist Prachanda, then PM of Nepal and in a talk of 2-3 minutes could convince him the utility of Mithila state in Nepal for solving Koshi flood victims of India( but we need a Mithila state in India too for that).

During my college days I use to say my philosophy is of ,”Spiritual Marxism,”
If Marx spoke for the poors let that belief be accepted but the same had been told by many Hindu sheers.

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