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MIND THE GAP: Delhi Metro

MIND THE GAP: Delhi Metro
This was my one of the most crucial yatra to Dilli vaia kanpur.
While I was in way to Kanpour,I had an incidental meeting of Abhay, a leader of Congress related union of Sindri region at Gomoh station which is prefixed with Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and in fact with this name I had asked for a ticket at Ranchi counter and the booking lady had given me a ticket though no specific sign on her face as I might be lone to ask for a ticket like that and that is the same for many Delhi Metro station too- hardly anybody speaks of Guru Teg Bahadur but Camp(Kingsway Camp’s shortened form) like abbreviated form GTB is being used.
Metro of Delhi has today 7th birthday, I glanced in The Hindu this morning(25th Dec.2009) where I had some rides in this journey for the second time; first ime in October 2009, I had been from New delhi to Dwarka via Rajiv Chowk(CP for Connaught Palce has almost vanished like old architectures of their I saw is fastly changing to Mall which I feel should have been prevented but neither narrow gauge could be retained nor the rural pristine culture and on the name of development concretization erverywhere instead of the reign of nature).
I visit Delhi not very frequently and stay is limited and usually with KN Jha on bike but this time I had from the beginning is continuing also because the routes have become distant which had started with a 8.2 km in 2002 to 90 km.
When I reached New Delhi station on 22nd December morning I was not aware that it was the coldest day of the season by that day and we were seven; taking tickets in long queue would have been difficult but hint was given by KN Jha to cross the bay and take ticket from near exit side counter of the other side; six tickets for Patel Maidan to go to Janar Mantar for CK Jha, Mumbai, SN Mishra, Arariya, Chunchun Mishra, Rahika and Udayshankar Darbhanga, Bhim Singh Maithil of Faridabad and Nandan Mohan of Jaipur and for me, all coming from Kanpur Maithili Sammelan; when the booking girl asked Rs.16 more after I had given her Rs.100,I felt Delhi Metro is dearer than Kolkata Meto and the same public said me in after rides that it has just been doubled and if it would have happened so in Kolkata there must have been protest but not even murmur in Delhi because people are not sensitive here, have enough earning and are neutral to the social issues except in gossips.
I changed at Rajiv Chowk and reached Mayur Vihar with KN Jha. And went to Dharna.
On 23rd day I had other occasion to be in Metro and saw it till Rajaori garden for giving a TV discussion on Saubhagya Mithila, the first Maithili Channel in India. There was not much rush while going there and but in returning it was,till Kashmiri Gate in way to Burari for getting a bus from ISBT.
I found Metro’s announcements are often wrong for stations and also rush in peak hours is becoming unmanageable like Delhi buses I use to experience in previous years where men and animals can be equated like that of rush in Mithila buses and in fact people of Mithila must be outnumbering others in Delhi too because Mithila is parched of job opportunities due to misruling of Govt. of Bihar since Independence.
I felt yellow lines to caution on platforms should have been red for optical reasons- one can see red from distance and red is a sign of danger simulating blood, only lower to skeleton for preventing electrocution or even on cigarettes pack it can be.

At night too with Ratnesh I could come to Rajiv Chowk but was wrongly informed at GTB that no connecting train to Mayur Vihar though after I checked out, there passed a train Ratnesh informed me on 24th and he could not lodge a complaint due to paucity of time yet I could walk on empty heart of CP to go to Barakhabha Road from where could get Cab(like Bangalore’s IT hub) to go to Mother Dairy and then other till Mayur Vihar in just Rs.10 each, comparable to Metro fare.
I found people cooperative and helping in suggesting ways to reach. In Delhi too middle class has majority and none suggested me to have auto.
I had an occasion to be in Metro again on 24th in way to Burari till GTB and in afternoon it had no rush. I saw a teenager boy and girl in almost romantic mood and could know that Metro ride may have other meanings too.
While going there I used smart card which is cheaper and time saver.
Likewise one can be accustomed with escalators which seems fearful in first look
I recalled my Russian book in 1973 I had read about Metro first time. India is advancing surely but not Bharat. It is Bharat’s mini India which is advancing and so many poor from rural India are forced to come to Delhi and find their way in Metro too. On 24th I could meet two young boys from Saharsa’s chhatapur and of Sitamarhi and so many more like I used to meet in Mumbai locals.
Yet Delhi Metro is different from those locals of Mumbai which are faster than Kolkata’s suburban where one can find a lot of food materials but here a policeman advised me to be away of TV camera otherwise police will harass. I had read that eatables and drinking were not allowed in Delhi Metro I was not knowing it was so strict and in fact hence had taken grapes so that nothing will remain to throw but knowing that I kept that in my bag.
Delhi Metro or Mumbai locals show a life style of the area and show how rich or poor the centre has become and all rush is due to gap between rural and urban due to distorted national development which is capitalistic in the sense that here Capitals grow at the coast of country.
Every time Metro gate is opened, an announcement of,”Mind the Gap,” to prevent your foot engulfed and cut in between Metro and platform is done but would one MIND THE GAP between Capital and Nation bleeding common Indians?

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