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Half of Gandhi Maidan and Central Institutions of Patna will be claimed by Mithila- Patna Pustak Mela 09 seminar on Mithila’s report

Half of Gandhi Maidan and Central Institutions of Patna will be claimed by Mithila- Patna Pustak Mela 09 seminar on Mithila’s report

Though my talk on 'Uccha shishak vikask lel Mithila rajyk avashyakta' was fixed some 3 months before it took a turn with the Telangana upsurge. See attachment
For me it was a Pradosh fast and after being ready at Patna station I reached Gandhi Maidan where Sudhirji from Arariya and Ratnesh from Delhi came and we decided many things organizationally though from Muzaffarpur Vijay and Shivkumarji could not come being stranded in jam for many hours. Old Dr. LN Jha from saharsa could not come in inclement weather and suggested for well running offices at important places including Patna and Delhi.
For me Patna Pustak Mela(PPM) is a result of incidental meeting with its organizer and proprietor of Novelty & Co. Narendrababu whose father Tarababu(of Dihia,Purnea) was instrumental to the foundation of Chetana samiti;not to confuse him with senior advocate and present speaker of Bihar Legislative council, Tarakant Jha in whose secretarial tenure that Chetna Samiti had grewen too fast;Chetna samiti was in founded by Kavi Yatriji who had Mithila state in his mind during 1950s.
Once Narendrababu came to SAIL Ranchi’s office where Er.KN Jha of Chatra Dumra introduced him with me and then onwards Narendrababu has kept relations with me and in fact I feel he is the living monument of “Maithil relation’ who can tell anyone with whom who is related how and that is his specialty apart from the fact that he spends his most valuable time in maintaining relations with anyone and that was the cause that I use to visit PPM every year and that is the ground of my speech among Patnites Maithils once a year. I exactly didn’t remember while writing this but I l find our from diaries that I started visiting PPM since 2004.
On 12.4.2004- My talk on Muthila rajya was presided over by Abhimany Khan of Bangaon.
On 11.12.2005- My talk on “Education in Mothertongue for Sarva shiksha abhiyan and need of Mithila state,” was presided over by Pt. Tararakant Jha. Prof.Ratneshwar Mishra of Darbahnga also spoke.
In 206, I was transferred to Bangalore and could not come.
On 16.12.2007 I had promised to give atalk on ,”Economic exploitation of Mithila, basis of Mithila state,” but as said I could not come visiting Saharsa and Katihar
On 14.12.2008, Nrendara Babu presided himself when I spoke on,” Philosophical base of Mithila state in honour of late Dr.UC Jha on whom a book is soon going to be published-( for which Narendrababu’s (sister-in law(sari) Prof. Saraswati had hard taunt to Narendrababu to return manuscript- as it was to be released in 2008 and 2009 also passed; I had compeered for a goshthi on him at Ranchi and have collected and corrected proofs of many manuscript on that philosopher of Mithila).
Once I had spoken on economic basis of Mithila state(in 2006 probably)-In 2007 I could not come due to hasty programme in Mithila with Janardan Yadav, ex-MP when around one thousand waited for me to listen when I was crossing Murliganj thinking better to meet many Maithils in Mithila than going to few in Patna’s Mela. Then also Bachha Thakur, ex-IAS was waiting for me and in 2009 also he came to listen to me and welcomed me from hearts and he even left Rameshwar Choudhary’s poetry session for listening to me. Initially Dr. Jagannath Mishra, ex-CM was to preside my lecture but he did not come and Baccha Babu presided over nicely asking Ghamandi Ram, a Maghi poet to stay till I finish and it was the turning point of my unprepared lecture that I dealt with new aspect of Mithila movement as to how it may benefit Magahi and Bhojpuris since they can grow only after Mithila was out or after a democratic movement Maithili will be state language of whole Bihar(which was thwarted by great Rajendra Prasad and Sacchiidanand Sinha in 1940 despite protest by Amarnath jha in school teaching and since then a step-motherly attitude with Mithila and Maithili is continuing.
I warned that half of Gandhi Maidan will be claimed by Mithila(and also area of IIT,IIM etc, as they were genuinely to be in Mithila area).
I said that highest education in world was in Mithila so D Litt is conferred as Vidya Vachaspati and MD as Aayurvigyan Vachaspati even by Kanpur University today.
Gargi and Bhamati represent highest education among women. And thus 4 of six astik (Nyay, sankhya, Vaisheshik, Purvamimansa)and 4 of six nastik philosophies(Buddha was also a Maithil and so Mahavir)
Presently 202 colleges and PG departments in Mithila are in peril and only a statehood can better it.
I dared Nitish Kumar,CM to come for public debate why Bihar not be bifurcated if UP can be tri/quadric-.
Mithila was an independent kingdom till Giyasuddin Tugalaq invaded it in 1328 and demolished our temples and state merged in so called Bihar suba..which should have been Vihar..
I also dealt with genesis of Maithili not from Magadhi prakrit but Mithila prakrit which later Maithili scholar Dr Kamalakant Jha supported.
Ratnesh and sudhir had presented well for Mithila state and so Raghuvir Mochi, ex-director, Maithili Akademy said that Mithila’s demand is genuine but it should have dalits in it(and I am happy to just receive a note from someone that Ramvilas paswan has supported it on TV- I wished long he should come and lead the movement, not wished ever or wish to be CM of Mithila..
Mithila movement is only one of many state movements not run by any politician and hence it is as pure and pious as Mother Sita Herself and who can oppose it(I asked this from Ghamandi babu and others of non-Maithili audience hoping the Bill tabled anytime in Bihar Assembly will have no opposition, if they understand meaning of Ram and Seeta which Vajpayee had anytime told to RSS young to tell Siya Ram, not ShreeRam. Even otherwise capital of less persons will ease Patnites who are overcrowded and polluted now.
I spoke on many aspect but well summarized by Bacchababu and Narendrababu that only as being a Maihtil he could dare a Pustak Mela at Patna..
Yes, Mithila state will be a Mela of knowledge and wisdome not of sands and poverty..if we are poorer why opposition ;we are not rich like Jharkhand,I asked my Maghi and Bhojpuris-I support Bhojpur and Magadh states too but not Vajjika or Angika which will be anchals(commissionaires of Mithila) as they are part and parcel of Mithila culture.
I returned Ranchi with many new introductions like that of Kaushlendra Mishra, Vivekanand Jha. Narendrababu also shown me a book, “Vidyapati Geet Ratnakar,” written by Amarnath Jha living at Puri in Orissa who had his education in Clacutta university. Some 500 paged book is available for Rs. 250 from sanjay K Jha, Vishwa Maithileeyam, 16 B, Madan Chatterjee Lane, Kolkata 700007.
This shows how a Maithil can contribute even being so distant and Amarnath Jha had this stimulation seeing a book on Vidyapati in Bengla in Calcutta,
In the Pustak Mela I saw Grierson’s ‘Mathili Chrystomathy,’ where I could learn that Vidyapati was in fact Bidyapati like Bankim or Rabindra..or Bihar which all symbolizes a difference in pronunciation from Sanskrit though closest to that and in the matter of script Maithili’s daughter script, Oriya has no alphabet of ‘BA.’
There in the Pustak Mela,I could see my class- friend Pramod Jha, FRCS after 1982 whom I reminded that he must have by that time verified that Shachindranath Bakshi was an MLA of Bhartiya jan sangh from Soth Kashi in 1960s or 70s (a friend of Shaheed Bhagat Singh,he was given life imprisonment with batukeshwar Dutta) and knowing that he as per bet must have left communism but no..he did not verify fact and still was a communist at least on a card!
I see a long list of my audience- Chandranath Jha, Shashibhushan Jha, Sanjay K Jha(his amil came in appreciation yesterday), Ashwini Jha, Vinay K Thakur, Arvind Kumar, Raj Kumar Premi, Sanjiv K Jha, Amrendra K Jha, Gabbar Pandey, Manish K Jha, Pranjal, Pravin K Jha, Ramji Prasad, Manju Kumari etc.
I was asked for a bite by Mahashakar of Saubhagya Mithila and on his Pranav’s no to more state I said Pranav is not above Indian Constitution which has ways of state formation.
When this constitution was promulgated there were 14 states and now we are having 28- Telangana may be 29th but why not Mithila before or a second SRC?
Later at Shekhar Prakashan’s stall of Shardinduji(a great Maithili worker and publisher) Kamalkantji’s book Tuggar and sitaram Jha’s Parva nIrnay were released. There too I met many Maihtils though had hardly time to talk. Yet Dr. samrendra was with me whom I talked long in train on phone- his wife was sapana I was knot knowing while I had read her article on health in Mithila darshan.
Ajit Azad tried to give me remuneration of my article on Jeevkant- which I returned him as my subscription to his new magazine, ‘Navarambh’..a good start. I read my article and was surprised really I could write on Jeevakant and justify him as Wordsworth of Maithili!

Dr. Dhanakar Thakur

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