Friday, May 6, 2016

Dhwani _the excellent MBBS girl of Puducherry

Dhwani _the excellent MBBS girl of Puducherry
Identified as the best student in a final semester examination by me at SVIMS, Puducherry on 22.6.2015 , Dhwani has phoned me back today evening with utter humility that she has topped with top marks in medicine, surgery and ObGy and fourth in pediatrics( I advised her to take up pediatrics as that is more challenging as well as suit to her  being a girl to handle her future family).
This evening I had phoned her and though she had my saved number she started saying ,”Sir,” ..I asked her result , the signal  was not clear but she told that she had topped and after one hour she phoned back detailing her marks etc declared in February and is pursuing internship since march 2016.
I joined Sri Venkateshwara Medical college&  Research Centre as a faculty in General medicine on 2.52015, supernnuating on 30.4.2015 from a GOI, PSU at Ranchi in Jharkhand) and was asked to be as examiner where from the unknown batch(I had not taken any class of their batch which was under examination preparation since I joined) my excel sheet of my life timeline says:
22.6.2015 SVMCRC Puducherry Top student(Dhwani) identified
In fact, I was on one table with veteran teacher Dr. Hiremath of 83 years with 60 years of experience of medical teaching and the other table had two younger assistant professors as examiners. Any student had to face me or Dr. Hiremath and then to other table to any of two young examiners. On each table either long case or two short cases for 50 marks and viva 10 marks ( x-ray, pathological specimen, case sheets, drugs, instruments , etc). One male student came and presented me CVA case and on my telling ,if he speaks by memory will give him one additional mark, he did so and satisfied me that I awarded him 42/50 and thinking much marks had been given in long case despite good answer gave him 6/10 in viva( so total 48/60).
After two examinees, came this sweet girl whom I guessed is from Kerala but did not ask her  for not being biased ( for my old connections with Kerala) and she started her case of CVS but in fact for shortage of case that was not a proper case of CVS but of goiter and then thinking though her theoretical discussion was superb it was difficult t say how in a proper case of CVS she would have fared, I gave her one mark  less than that boy 41/50 and then asked was she from Kerala which she replied affirmatively. Then I asked what was her rank in previous examination which she did not follow . Then I asked whether she was in top 10, middle 10 or bottom 10? “Sir I was the topper,” no sooner she replied that I retorted, “then I have done injustice with you for no fault of yours, anyway I have still some marks and if you satisfy me would still make you top.” She around 40 minutes replied my various questions including many questions I had replied myself in various MBBS examinations like life cycle of Paragmonis westermani and many not directly related to medicine examination like units of dimension one reads in Inter Science classes.
After her came a boy who had no knowledge that inspection was followed by palpation, percussion and auscultation and when I asked whether he had presented any case to any teacher he replied that two three times( which was false I feel) and still I said that I was awarding him veyy high marks ( 40/50+5/10) as on other table he would be failed but if he wanted to pass asked to come to me to present one case weekly , in special ward where I was usually sitting on first floor than our chamber on top floor to avoid hot weather (he never came..).
In my diary I wrote that night as an examiner I too passed )in my first time medical examinership )that I could find the best and the worst students from an unknown lot.
On a false allegation that I was not on duty( I was in the Doctors’ stay room all time except going for dinner for a while telling casualty sister; the Stay Room had poor signal for mobile and mine was from Jharkhand no. also),
9.8.2015 Puducherry STAY DUTY_PG std.Ms, Monisha called anesthestist not finding me on phone (I was probably gone for dinner)
14.8.2015 Puducherry Dr Aroul informed stay duty of 16th withdrawn. Inquiry going on, met Ms. Sandhya- (Academic Incharge) chairman unhappy, told- relive me ok,
(That patient went 5th day to her home against medical advice and died in way). Mrs. Sandhya informed me to leave job while I was taking a clinical class which I finished before meeting her and in afternoon cardiology seminar told colleagues that I was leaving, all were sad to know since I had always all India perspective in my thoughts and deeds.
14.8.2015 evening  emailed many places Karpaga Vinayka replied instantaneously to join, on 22th will meet
Same evening, I emailed some medical colleges and during emailing got offer from one college near Chennai.
I told Mrs. Sandhya to relieve me on 31st August when I return from my accrued leaves( though still some 4 days left in my credit).
On 31st August 2015, I took relieving from the SVIMS and came to Ladies Hostel to take meals as usual on a coupon ( and found Dhawani there.. told her that I was leaving she was very sad to know that and asked for my blessings . I told her that if I had selected her the best she is destined to top and being doctor she would treat me in my illness when would be old…
Though in between I phoned her once and she talked something on other call she did not pick up when on a very expansive marriage in a newspaper of Jharkhand while in travelling wanted to know when she would marry and  her results..
Today I asked her to SMS her Thiruvanathpuram address of parents. ( father professor of physics and mother of mathematics) ,and to inform me three months in advance so that I can plan to attend her marriage and to call me in matters of extreme sadness or excitement positively and if possible bi-monthly.and if she needed any help morally or financially anytime in life.
( May 5th 2016).

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