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Ang _Mithila samanvay: demand of time 13.2.2011, Putak Mela, Bhagalpur)

Ang _Mithila samanvay: demand of time 13.2.2011, Putak Mela, Bhagalpur)

When I got down Bhagalpur early morning it was Bhagalpur without Vinay Tarun..who had met with a fatal rail accident on June 23rd at Nathnagar.
I had no way initially to go and thought to be ready at station itself and go to book fair directly but later I changed my mind and phoned my mother’s sister’s son and went to his house and became ready and talked with many for the meeting at Pustak Mela.

‘Mithila Ang Samnway-Demand of Time,’ was a topic chosen by me and Narendra K Jha, the convener of Pustak mela had done a lot of publicity. At due time only few came- one was president of Maithuili Parishad, Bhagalpur( Vivekanand Jha who later presided symposia). Maithili Parishad people had some feeling about my work that ot was political which I had clarified to Dasji( who was introduced to me by Vinay) on phone and he was at Bhopal.
In the meeting many persons spoke.

Shri Narendra K. Jha informed that Nagri pracharini sabha had first book fair in Bihar in 1913 at Bhagalpur.
Shri Kailash Thakur, ex-jt.commissioner, spoke about Vikramshila’s great contribution and demanded sub-capital status of Bihar to Bhagalpur.
Shri Nabonath Jha said Angika is sahchari of Maithili and the demand is genuine.
Dr. Kailsh Jha, president, Brahmin Sabha spoke in Angika said that there was not much difference with Maithili ,only pronunciation is changed. He said Mithila was more ancient (TretaYug) than Ang (Dwapar Yug).

Shri shardanand Jha said- Vidaypati had written, Tunhe je kaahe gauda, Hame kena nachab! ‘ Is just the Angika spoken today!

Dr. Shiv Prasad Yadav, HOD, Maithili demanded Maithili’s State language status in Bihar and transmission language of All India Radio’s Maithil’s centrea,
The programme was scholarly conducted by Shri premchandra Jha.
It was attended by Prof.Ugramohan jha, Prof,Ramsevak singh, Mahesh jha, and many seniors.
Dr.Rekha Jha spoke very well. She contradicted one speakers’ view that from Pashupatinath to Baidyanath one Mithila should be. She asked to unite us for the cause of Mithila and Maithili.to be united and then only we can prosper. She appreciated people of Darbhanga that they speak Maithili in shops and street which she appreciated while she was studying there.

I had spoken just before her and though was afraid of missing my train I deliberated mainly economic loss to Bhaglpur region while presently in Bihar. Banka had only one computer centre for BPL students while Nalands 9 and Patna 70?

I asked Ang people to come in Mithila, the land of Janki8 than in Bihar of Jarasandh.
Ganga water is of Mithila region and they can utilize that otherwise Mithila can not allow free access and also the STs(Santhals) will get full reserved seats which now go to Chhotanagpur tribal.

And after 50 years Mithila may again be bifurcated and Ang created which will not be possible if they remain in Bihar.

I replied to query of Dr.Rekha that whether Bihar remains of few districts or a UT of Patna was not my concern. I wish Mithila(and also Magadh and Bhojpur) to come up in the map and I sincerely request all Angwasi to be in Mithila.

I saluted late Vinay who had taken me to Ang youth for a talk. I had phoned to maker of Ang diagrme pandeyji who did not come to share atill such a talk need continued.
I had spokejn that if Ang diagrame has upto Supaul(though thast is Angartup- north of Anga as per Buddhist Majjhimkai) let Mithilka;s capital in their map- be at Saharsa or barauni which we maithils will agree happily or they have a Ang state with capital at Madhubani or Darbhanga,,(Ang map has minus Darbhanga and Tirhut commissionaires all areas upto Devghr and also Giridih).

Languages should unite us not divide I spoke with stress and read out census message in different dialects of Maithili(including Angika) and promised welfare and prospersity of Ang in Mithila far better than they could dream in Bihar.

President Vivekand Jha spoke well and it was sure that I will miss my train as driver of Narendrababu could not be spotted and medico of JLNMC who had come to meet me had gone to college for a bike; luckily I got a rickshaw who took only 20 minutes and I could get departing train remembering Vinay Tarun whi used to be ready with his bike to see me off and to round areas up to Munger. A loss irreparable! I had not taken Farakka train previous day in which he was killed. Mithila-Ang unity, if happens will remember him long.

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