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XXI Maithili Camp held by swift shifting the venue from Shardapuri (Mahammadpur) to Akaur ; Kameshwar Yadav’s proved Maithili is the befitting reply

XXI Maithili Camp held by swift shifting the venue from Shardapuri (Mahammadpur) to Akaur ; Kameshwar Yadav’s proved Maithili is the befitting reply to caste dividers in Mithila

Amidst the typical Maithil personality of of postponing XXI Maithili Workers’ Training Camp held successfully by swift shifting the venue from Shardapuri (Mahammadpur) to Akaur and Kameshwar Yadav’s deep involvement proved Maithili is the befitting reply to caste dividers in Mithila

As reported finally from Akaur (Benipatti, Madhubani), 33 Maithili workers’ were awarded certificates and persons from nearby villages Manpaur’s Nawal Kishor Jha, an old Amp worker and also from Dumra asked for holding camps in their villages . Nagendra Mishra of Akaur took keen interest and Kameshwar Yadav’s deep involvement once again proved Maithili is the befitting reply to caste dividers. Amidst the typical Maithil personality of non-responsibility of postponing XXI Maithili workers’ Training camp held successfully by swift shifting the venue to Akaur

At Patna,I could get train for Madhubani by chance as intercity was 5 minutes late (and my train was more than 45 minutes late of the margin in two trains).
An old man, Bihari Mandal ,whom first I thought6 a BRAHMIN was going to Nirmali where his village Narendrapur was, he was very happy to read the pamphlet of Mithila. He was villager of a BJP whole-timer Satish Jha whom I know for many decades.
Sri Mandal's son S . N. Mandal was a doctor in the SGPGI, Lucknow.
Other little girl, Gousia Hashami, impressed me for her memory of 10 digit mobile- a class I student of Rhyne Academy of Jamshedpur, was going to her maternal grand-parents' home Baurar near Mahammadpur..Her paternal place was near Hayaghat where they were related to my school friend Mustaque.
I gave my number to her mother for any help to the bright Gousia whose father had lost his life in a gall bladder operation.
My sister’s son, Guddu, joined me at Sakri. At Madhubani came Ramesh Kamat with his friend and we proceeded for Benipatti. At Rahika we changed the minibus the conductor took from me Rs.10 each instead of 5..knowing me an outsider.
When I stepped at Lohia Chowk, I saw the same Bhav Jha who had refused the Maithili workers’ training camp at the last moment,barely 48 hours before on the pretext of going to Delhi for his grand-daughter’s negation(though I was amazed later as to how negotiation will be done in Bhadwa and that too in malmas?). This is the typical Maithil mentality of postponing that I am fighting for long. I had insisted that the camp should be organized by some other as many persons have planned for that but he was not ready and on my insistence he told me that he would not work with AMP. I immediately talked with nearby Akaur’s kameshwar yadav who happily agreed and when I wanted to inform this to him he did not like to receive my call- other typical maithil habit and I had to SMS him.
I had many files made on the name of Shardapuri(Mahammadpur) and though I hjad Xeroxes of a piece after correcting them for Akaur,I had kept one uncorrected which I had thought to send him through some person but lo! He was himself present there to receive that and I presented that him hastily.
In fact he and his villagers had lost an opportunity of having a camp there with Dr. Kamalkant Jha like scholar and also on the 8th may 2009 the idos of Sharda, kalika(and Vishnu or Laxmi) were unearthed and hence it was an anniversary which could have publicized the thing !

Though I had also contacted another person of Lohia Chowk, Anil Jha for a meeting at Bennpatti since 2 days and till Dhakjari few minutes before he was in contact, he also was not present at his shop?- Yet again. A typical Maithil personality of non-responsibility.
The journalist Madan Jha of Hindustan came with other person Kamal Narayan jha who took me to nearby PNB and we had a nukkad sabha- the news and photo appeared today(and seeing that one Maithili worker phoned me as to why he was not informed-not that he would have liked me rather in a tone as to why the AMP was working there when his organisation has intended to work nationwide, again a mentality--If I do not work or even work why you are working and that too in my area...
All existing Maithili organisations have this mentality ; they want to take up whole Mithila but have hardly worked in the town or district where they are located and if AMP is working with a plan why we are working..

Binod Thaklur of Tyotha recognised me and Pawan of Damodarpur living at Jamshedpur was also incidentally there and I could get a seat in an Akaur-bound magic.
A person was taking long time to give a name of widow for Annpurna/Antyodaya scheme to mukhia/Mukhiapati. I gave a paper and pen to write name immediately and to give rather prolonging talk.
At Akaur already training camp was inaugurated by Dr KK jha, president, AMP and Ratnesh was there. I took sessions till late night.
Kameshwar Yadav the convener was very active and camp had a successful beginning..
In rainbasera we slept after delicious food.
One youth was very energetic on Mithila Flag and said he was Garam dali and would unfurl it on public places; he later assisted me in file preparations till late night.
In morning, I had my bath and puja in historical temple of Akaur where idols were broken by foreigners in 1326 probably when Mithla was demolished by Giyasuddin Tugalaque.
I could get a bus at petrol pump and then Madhubani and next bus for Darbhanga and then next to Patna I could reach amid Kisan Mahapanmchay's boleros(?) in thousands(?) and went straightway to Maithili teachers’ assembled at the Arvindo college(after a long walk in heat ,also misguided for some time for not proper address; 5 minutes address by me was liked by maany. hey formed Maithili Shikshak Sangh also.
When I came out one teacher from Munger met me on the road when I was waiting fo9r Rana Mukherjee to come. The teacher who had listened to me in the hall took responsibility of organising AMP in Munger.
Rana, a software engineer had loved a girl of same mohalla of Kolkata of same caste and had eloped and married also in the temple but his parents were reluctant to accept him for they were greedy of dowry. He was known to me when he was attached to HCL at ranchi and used to come to check my computer. We were on mails even when he was at Khargpur and I at Bangalore. I had decided to bless the couple when informed me the events..
But first we went to Maithili’s only book centre- Shardindu's Shekhar Prakashan, near station’s Popular Pharma. Many writers of Maithili were there to listen to Udayshankar Mishra's proposal for helping him in staging a dhana on 22nd May for Mithila state.
Rohini Raman Jha accepted AMP's convenorship for Patna.
At Rana's house, his wife had made so many dishes on Ekadashi day.. without onions. I ate too much. Rana left me at station at 21.39 and I ran to the platform 9 to catch the train departing at 21.45 . The train was entering when I was on foot over bridge and and it started only after 2-3 minutes I was on my berth.
I was awoke almost whole night as costly camera was in my bag but I , a novice had taken all pictures in in MOVIE MODE AND THAT TOO WITHOUT flash in night and barring DARBHANGA'S name inh Tirhuta or Mithilakshar in the BOTTOM ALL all other were spoiled of benipatti and akaur meetings but RANA AND KOKILA'S photo was good.
(I learnt some photography at a friend’s house on 10th night) I Came to duty directly leaving late train at Namkom and then had a Saubhaggya Mithila's interview in the afternoon.. one eminent writer Amarji had said against Mithila Rajya.. I replied that many old persons liked British Raj but India gained Independence.
Mithila movement will go ahead from Ranchi to Akaur to Patna to Delhi and it will make India stronger and more nationist any Maithili than he/she may feel as Bihari.

Dr. Dhanakar Thakur
Antarrashtriya Maithili Parishad

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