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Dhamiyapatti camp २००९ Jaynagar train Niyamit करू;Darbhangias need learning much more in the field of social change in मिथिला; Journey as luggage in a

Dhamiyapatti camp २००९ Jaynagar train Niyamit करू;Darbhangias need learning much more in the field of social change in मिथिला; Journey as luggage in a luggage van

As informed on phone by Dr. Kamalkant Jha on 4th November 32 trainees were awarded certificate by the chief guest Shrikant Mishra, a retired teacher from Rourkela who had attended IV International Maithili Conference ( Dec. 27-28, 1997) there. It was one of the most successful Maithili camps amid 18 such(19th will be at Burari, Delhi, Dec.22 evening to Dec.25th afternoon).

I had to inaugurate Dhamiyapatti camp 2009 on 26th October but because of post- Chhati slugginess of local workers and postponement of Mithila Vidayrthi Parishad’s meeting at Saharsa (due to same reason) to Jan.23-24, I became free on Nov.1-2 and asked for a change for avoiding weekly travel which they happily agreed as they had no preparation as well.

AMP works on grass root level and I am famous for my visits to villages- on foot or cycle or motor cycle and surely such work has given me true honour and if I quote one of them on November 2, 2009 morning by Naresh Thakur, the Mukhiya of Dhamiyapatti( near Jayanagar) presenting me as a traditional bidai of jora dhotis, dupatta , janeu-suparis..though despite their several requests I did not take dhotis was not it a bidai from hearts in the heart of Mithila by a Maithil who is a comrade, and follower of Bhogendra Jha despite my clear utterances of non-Marxist ethos in my inaugural speech and at a time when Patna and Darbhanga Maithils were busy as if in toing to political leaders in Vidyapati Parvas for which they feel the persons like me as untouchables.

The progress of Mithila will be through the ekpedias of such villages I had said rather big Rajpaths though I never say that work is not necessary there and had even an occasion in return journey to send Maithili Sandesh with a fellow passenger in Patna intercity when a call from Mumbai’s Chakradhar Jha came that he could meet Bishwambhar Jha ex-GM,HEC leaving at Ranchi(whom I had phoned just to inform him that Vidyapati Smriti Divas will be at AMP, Jharkhand office on 31st November and he was at Mumbai. I asked my fellow passenger Umesh Jha of Kaithahi village, of Madhubani working at Bandre(Mumbai) 09833293860 to contact Chakradhar Jha whom I am yet to see (he was referred to me by Dr.A. Jha for AMP work.

It is not that I had this first coincidence even in Mumbai once I had requested a Kurla ticket booking clerk to take up work and other time, a senior Maithil when I was honoured in a Mumbai meeting in 2007, on the third anniversary of Mithila Darpan.
Long back I had a meeting with all important Maithili organizations at the house of Sitaram Jha, ex-Income Tax Commissioner who was a supporter of Mithila State. I talked him introducing him with Naresh jha and wished 2010 Dec. XXII International Maithili Conference at Mumbai, if he proposes it at Kanpur on Dec.20-21 in XX International conference.
Intention of holding Maithili conferences one outside and other in Mithila is that Maithils are everywhere who need organized but they should also work for their village area in Mithila and should also save some amount for work in Mithila(which is now 75 % saving) while the delegates will go on their own expense.

We are aware of the fact that work in Mithila is more important and hence we regularly conduct such conference ,once preferably in summer in Mithila where many of our Maithils living in Mithila who are poor and for whom going out of Mithila is difficult may also attend.(XXI International Maithili Conference will be in Araria district on April 11-12,2010).

The journey to Jaynagar from Ranchi in a special train was special. The train on some schedule dates could be started after my talk with ADRM MK Yadav this time which had only II Class coaches, not a single sleeper though on previous occasions it had sleeper ads well as III AC coaches.

The railways informed that it was a trail train and in a lean period they thought proper to have trial and that too on a sudden information. The railways could have thus even after two, if not after a clear three months advance notice( as per for any reservation).
Many young workers like Arun Jha of Maithili Manch, also worked seriously and even they had burnt effigies of the Mamta. Arun was to see off his mother from the same train and was rightly very much agitated that Howrah intercity was started without any trail and so for Ptna Janshatabdi will …
I feel trial train concept singularly applied to Mithila bound train was unjustified and it was as if ‘agni pariksha of Maithili Seeta herself.” The same I told to the reporter of the Rastriya Sahara while educating public for pressurizing the authorities for continuing the train.
When I was about to start my journey, a student, Rishikesh Paswan after talking me on phone to come and study with free boarding and lodging at my house preparing for Pre-medical test reached Ranchi in my hospital library with his father and one more relative but did not go to my residence to ( a ‘creamy layer effect’ probably). Other student in my house on the same scheme Umesh Mandal preferred to fill up suddenly announced examination at Darbhanga and we could find PAK Pandit, an old worker from Baira- Parsa who had organized one of such camps and we went sleeping in general coach which had come with full rush.

From Barauni a family of young joined from Munger, who initially promised to work for Maihtili.I also phoned a doctor Raman there for my meeting on 15th Nov. His wife was from Barauni and her brother was with them. In the end she divulged that they were Christians.

When I said her that I read The New Testament for I had love with a fellow Keralaian girl. She asked me what would have happened after marriage- ‘We both could pursue our religions; for child the matter would have to decide.

She was looking like a Hindu bride with sindoor. I had given her brother some copies of Maithili Sandesh to give it our worker Anil of Dalsing Sarai where he used to teach.

Dalsing Sarai is the place where AMP has good work and all segments of society are well represented- thanks to Satyanarayan Mahto of Ajnaul who worked at Bhalai, I had been to Aajnaul in such a training camp also.

It was its last ride and hence we put slogans- Jaynagar train Niyamit karu at Darbhanga station where many public, including my sister’s husband, joined us and the same at Jaynagar. We were distinct with the banner of AMP. Umesh and Pandit took signatures of many while in train for the continuance of train.

While in the way I recalled my sister’s village and mine where I could not go like other Mithila Jagaran Yatra(probably it I was 54th such). I saw with reverence Ugna Mahadev temple from where I had my cycle yatra for Mithila state in 1994 and had attended such a camp in 2003. I saw Madhubani Bhauragarhi’s Guheshwari Mandir where I wish some time to offer Durga path all 9 days of a Navaratra combining with meetings around.
I got down from the train and purchased a copy of daily Mithila Samad from Kolkata which was 2 days old though last time I had got same days’ copy(in return journey due to rush in train I could not get down for it.).

I had phoned some of students and guardians to join Dhamiyapatti camp. One such student’s father Chandrabhushan Choudhary from Biraul joined us at Jayangar(who completed training and was happy as he talked me after returning) and also Subhash Jha, coordinator Laknaur block,AMP(who was present for two days but could not complete the camp but has become a solid worker as I presume on telephonic talks).

Anand of Jhanjharpur already changed train Dhuriyan to ours at Pandaul, my nearest station,in childhood my trip to Forbesganj was from there.

In the train a postman of Pandaul, Krishnmohan jha said he would work for Mithila.

AMP President, Dr.Kamalkant jha was there to welcome with Prof. Umesh Jha’Lalan’ from Marari(Nepal). And Nabonath Jha ‘Vivek’,Kalikapur.

I could have introduction with Lalit Thakur ,brother of Ashok Thakur, a Maithili writer of Badagaon.
It was a difficult trekker journey to Dhamiyapatti’s very bad road.The driver was expert and he drove like circus and on reaching safely, we thanked God.
Before entering devasthan, I saw the bricks soiling tube well had mark of Mithila Bhattha which I cited in my speech that love for Mithila is embossed in their hearts, our duty is to ignite it to come on surface only.
So the temple, very nicely made, spacious and clean ,rarely seen in Mithila had many villagers who had stamped Mithila in their hearts.
Young Manoj Jha was coordinator and Mukhiya Nareshji presided.

Because I have to leave next morning, I made a long speech covering all aspects of Maithili and Mithila’s development. Umeshji had informed about devilments in Nepal for a separate Mithila state there which I have been asking from the beginning. Many Nepali Maithils like Shaheed Dr.LK Jha, Sundar Jha ‘Shastri’etc.
He narrated how he as AMP’s Gen. Secretary could initiate Maithili as working language of in Nepal’s Sirha,Dhanush zilla’s official work and risked at life by opposing even Supreme Court’s orders.

After meeting reached Bhav Jha from Benipatti’s Mahmmadpur(Shardapuri)-he was late because of bike’s problem.

At night we had traditional Mithila dinnar (bhoj) in Mukhiyaji’s house with Tarua etc.with Bhojan Mantra by Kamalkantji.

We had long discussions. Umeshji remembered even more than I recall about my initial visit to Mithila and Nepal’s, meeting Matrika Pd. Koirala,etc.

We could decide fiture camps 13-16 March 2010-Biraul(Darbhanga); 27-30 March 2010 Madhepur-Lakhnaur; 8-11 May 2010,Benipatti-Mahammadpur. In such camps of sub divisional level, one from every panchyat of the camp holding block and one from other blocks will be targeted to take training.

In the early morning I preferred to go open field defecation without giving troble to our host. I did my daily snan-Puja tarpan etc. and soon a journalist came to interview. It was again a mini meeting and then bidai.
Bhav Jha’s grandson gave me a lift to Jaynagar. Anand and his brother went on foot and met in the way.
At Jaynagar railway crossing there was a huge crowd and I purchased paniphal singhara from a selling women. One women was crying there- her 12 year old girl was missing. She other smaller girls were with her. Maybe she was her grandmother and mother might have died. I was very sorry and wanted to give her some money but hesitated. I was suspicious that the girl of Harlakhi might have been abducted for trafficking.

In the meantime Anand reached and said there was such a report in papers. I was sorry that some NGO should have been there.
People have so much faith on Kamla mai..may that girl reaches Harlakhi.
I could charge my mobile in passenger hall, good one but dirty die to many passengers.
I had purchased advance ticket previous day. Anand and one other young Maithili purchased their tickets.
I asked Anand to purchase from the bookstall , Maithili Durgapothi. Previous evening I had purchased Samy Sal, Mithila Darshan(from Kolkata) and Satynaryan Puja’s Maithilipothi.
Rastriya Sahara had well covered न्यूज़।Though after two days Jagtaran had also published न्यूज़. and particulary after the coclusion of camp Hindustan had published न्यूज़। with photographs of trainees taking certificate those are not available to me yet.)
There was huge rush. A young boy had come with many family members from Sitamarhi’s Bhutahi village for Kamlasnan-I was sorry that despite having time I could not plan. Other passenger, an owner of petrol pump at village Padma was sore that in one of bhoj they were not taken care of because of invitees more than could be managed. Other person in Dhoti was incidentally from Dhamiyaptti. He was going for bhumipujan of a hotel at Bela, Darbhanga. His dhoti had earned a name in Gujarat – His daughter in-law said that the security guard was exclaimed how any person could wear such long cloth(when that had fallen from upper floor).
When he went Mumbai he met Samprada Babu of Alkem. He was initially hesitant to meet but knowing that from the peon Samprada Babu called him with respect.
I again crossed Sakri but without meeting my sister nearby. At Darbhanga came Nareshji with a heavy bag for Ranchi. I took only few things as I do not want to carry heavy baggage.

When I came out of train for washing my hands and drinking water(I feel supplied water is better than bottled on scientific counts also and also I do not want misusing money for that) suddenly I saw Manjar Suleman, a Maithili writer there and called him for giving company. He was to go to Patna. It was hot and humid in November .He exclaimed,’ global warming’ and went out for reprieve. He returned with other professor of Urdu at Samastipur College, Md.Anis. I had talked him last year too and had reminded Manjar for calling a Maithil Muslim Conference, discussion on Maithili-Urdu similarities and role of Muslims in Mithila Movement will be discussed (likely date Feb.27,2010 at Darbhanga. I recalled my friend Mustaq of Hayaghat Bilaspur.

At Samastipur no one came to take Maithili Sandesh which I gave for Mumbai to fellow Maithil passenger (and as I had talk with CK Jha on 6.11.2009 he would deliver that to him on 7th November-I wish he becomes a worker for AMP also which will be again a leaf in my coincident meets turning to permanent worker).

At Barauni, I got down and went outside but no one trekker was going ahead Simaria because of Gangasnan Mela. I came back and was waiting for Maurya Express but first came late Ballia -Sealdah express and I got into one coach and could find space to sit on upper portion for luggage but soon was asked by other young person saying,’ Uncle that is my seat.’ I got down saying as to why he was calling me ‘uncle’ (and not accommodating I meant but he replied for my age he called thus. I thanked for giving such respect to age and came standing for 4 hours till Jasidih. I watched the unprecedented rush, people like ants, mostly ladies assembled for Gangasnan at Simariaghat station. They had no space other than tracks to seat. I recalled my memory that in old days only at Hazipur it was famous where I did not go with my classmates in medical college as I had not much money any time in my pockets. May be every river is filled with persons, I was said thus for Gaunsa Ghat before Darbhanga on river Jibachh and also I saw rush at Luckheesarai and Kiul stations who had come to dip in river Kiul.

At Kiul our train was overtaken by Guwahati Express and though my desired train for Ranchi, Patliputra Express had just left before at Jamui,I lost hope but soon Ballia overtook that and first I thought to standing till Chittarnajan so that Patli might shed its weight at Jasidih but one passenger adviced me to get down at Jasidih itself.

In the meantime at Jhajha many Maithil persons could enter the train- old women were also with them and they were talking in Maihtili which tempted me for introduction. I asked one such Maithil pilgim his village which he replied ,”Benipur.” I asked him if he knew Pawan Thakur of Majhaura. He replied affirmatively.

I opened my bag and took out one copy of Maithili Sandesh and half folding that I asked him to take showing DurgaMata’s Aarati Though he could have read the title and at least seen the photo of Durgamata he refused in a bad manner. I could not keep patience and I said,”yaih tirthyatra jait chee..anha san ekara badle me mangne nahee chhalanhu. Anhak ot jayab t’ 500 lok jama bhay jetah hamra snuay, Pawnji kahbainhi Dhanakar Thakur train me chhalathi” He kept mum though was not apologetic.

After some minutes with the same Maithili Sandesh, I touched the other passenger(who had suggested me to get down at Jasidih) sitting on floor of the compartment He was dozing but opened eyes and took that and also read some lines of all pages. Then I asked his home and address – He was Ramvilas sah from Sahebpur Kamal(where my bhauji’s father was an agriculture officer in 1970s when as a student I had visited the place before crossing Ganga to go to Munger to attend one RSS camp for a month)., Ramvilas worked at Kolkata and he gave me his number and I also gave him AMP,Kolkata worker, Pradeep Chaudhary’s number(in the hope of other coincidentally made Maithili worker).
I also felt that this ‘ego’ was the cause that many Maithili Brahmins became obstacle to Maithili’s development though they talked in Maithili and further the sense of reading any pamphlet was more in the public of Begusarai which I had experienced in 1992 itself when I had distributed first Maithili pamphlet,”Jagu Maithil Dhir..”

I know I am a great pamphleteer of that region and the area of Teghra- Baruni I feel is the central to Mithila and I had told Manjar thus while crossing that would be best for Mithila’s Capital which seeing the sensitivity of two Maithils of the above example also suggest that Darbhangias need learning much more in the field of social change in Mithila.
At Jasidih, I ate what my sister had sent and waited for Patli. Somebody was there with cricket result of Indo-Aussi match. In stead Mithila express was announced to come where some young person was also waiting. I could not decipher from the announcement whether it had been advanced somewhere ahead of Raxaul too- listening to he said ‘Upto Raxaul.” When I again reminded him for some word,”the young person,maybe a sales representative in some caompany,”Ham bahre nahee hain..”
What amount of tension the man had who was talking someone on mobile sometime back to transfer some amount for tickets if he would accompany him to Shirdi…Probably such agitated persons need the solace of godly place.
Then Patali came and it has now non-gazetted employees’ rally rush going to capital Ranchi.
Every centre want Mithila’s capital forgetting Capital is a place of such nonsense rallies. Ranchi remains band often.
Anyway I was about to inform my sister that I was leaving the train to get Maurya after one hour that I saw luggage van was being opened. With many passengers I also entered and took a corner, spread my chaddar to sleep. Fellow passenger was also exclaimed as to why rally in Presidents’ rule?
Somebody thought door be opened and at Madhupur many leaders rushed into and I had to fold my legs.
They went in search of better place at Dhanbad but I remained there with many. Some students entered and they were talking that they were thinking Army recruitments were honest but that was most corrupt- 80 per cent on pairavi and paisa and only 20 per cent might get job on merit. They were saying doctors are making someone unfit and for each clause charging Rs.20,000 for declaring fit. I recalled CRPF personnels’ health check up I finally marked in 2007, many were colour blind who must have paid at the entry. They did try to pressurize me but I did not succumb(and had remarked against their boss also! Though he was not color blind, he had advance disease! I did not make him fit but I do not know what doctor controlling my hospital did!).
Finally I reached Ranchi as a luggage himself in a luggage van- not a bad experience. Only point was one has to hold urine despite cold temparatue as train ascended high(Ranchi 629 mt. high from Median Sea Level(MSL) compared to Mithila is some 50 Meter only- Jasidih must be higher but even Muri is 200 meter lower to Ranchi.
Many did urinate from the wide door whenever train stopped but I recalled Udayshankar Mishra had said a quote prevalent in Mithila, “Peshab roke Jogi, Paikhana roke Rogi.”I will not comment medically on it but I could somehow hold it despite I had drank water at Jasidih.

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